Alex Watkins adds two offers

Alex Watkins (DE, Haywood, TN) - Upside is always the key word when projecting high school prospects for the next level.

This is what makes Alex so intriguing.

"I do not know if you know this, but he runs track for us too. I am also the coach for our track team. I saw this kid in 8th grade. I knew we had ourselves a special person, a difference maker, back then. Alex has not disappointed me. He is the leader for our football and track programs. He studies hard in the classroom, and he has a lot of good folks around him," added the football and track head coach from Haywood County, Bart Stowe.

What about the upside issue?

"He just has tremendous upside. I guess that is the best way to put it. Alex is just a big ole kid. He is really rangy with long arms. He is a 6' 5" kid who ran a 11.2 in the hundred meters just last week. In today's game, everybody is wanting to put pressure on the QB, and that is what he does the best. We play in a league where you run the ball a lot, but he still put up a bunch of sacks last year. He led our league in sacks for the third straight year. He is pretty much the best player day in and day out from around this area."

Which colleges have put an offer on the table for Alex?

"Tennessee, Alabama, Clemson, Texas Tech, and Ole Miss have offered Alex a full ride. Vandy, Memphis, Mississippi State, and Michigan were in this week, but they have not given him a formal offer yet."

Spring training is well under way; what areas does Alex feel like he has improved in?

"Well, I have been getting quicker and putting on more weight. I benched 315 the other day. I feel a lot stronger. My squat is already straight. I just need to get my speed down," commented Alex Watkins.

Who were Alex's most recent offers?

"Tennessee and Texas Tech offered me last week."

And which schools are under consideration?

"All of the schools who have offered me are under consideration. I will probably decide towards the summer to give you a Top 5 or anything like that. Right now, I am interested in everybody who is interested in me."

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