Demarcus Fox talks about Mississippi combine

Demarcus Fox (WR, Calhoun City, MS) - Demarcus put in some impressive numbers at the Mississippi scout combine last Sunday.

He measured in at 6' 0", 178, and ran a 4.43 forty.

"I thought I did pretty good out there," commented Demarcus Fox. "It showed me what I needed to work on. That is for sure. There were some good players out there; better than what I am use to playing against."

Which cornerback gave Fox the most trouble?

"That (Darrius Davis) corner from Whitehaven, Tennessee."

What areas has Fox improved on this year?

"My quickness and footwork are much better."

Which colleges are showing Fox the most attention?

"I think South Carolina, USM, and probably Alabama and Florida. All of them write me a lot, but I think I get the most stuff from South Carolina."

Which colleges make up Demarcus' Top 5?

"I would say Alabama, South Carolina, USM, Florida, and Georgia Tech."

Have any colleges come by the school this week?

"Alabama did. Ole Miss was here last week."

Does the Tide still lead for Demarcus' services?

"Yea, pretty much."

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