Brandon Boykin receives SEC visitors

Brandon Boykin (LB, Memphis, TN) - Boykin was recognized as one of the top five linebackers at the Mississippi Scout combine that took place last Saturday.Has that recognition helped his recruitment?

"I have gotten three phone calls since that combine. The first one was from Coach Nelson from Stanford. I really like Stanford a lot," commented the '05 All-Region pick who carries a 4.38 GPA/25 ACT, Brandon Boykin."

"Stanford is coming by my high school on May 18th. MSU and Vandy have both already been by practice. Coach Stringer (MS) told Coach Wright that they were going to make their final decision at their camp, unless I do not show, then they are going to evaluate my film. He has called me a couple of times recently."

"I do not know what is going on with Vandy. Most of the colleges said it will come down to camp, and now I have to sit down and see which schools would be beneficial for me to camp. Hopefully after the scout evaluation, it will help me out and somebody will step up to the plate."

Which colleges have now attended one of Boykin's practices?

"MSU, Vandy, Louisville, Alabama, and Illinois."

What did Boykin take away from his combine experience?

"I was really nervous going in because I knew I would be going up against the best the area had to offer. But once I got in the flow, I felt real comfortable and put up some good numbers (4.56 forty/34" vertical). It did teach me what I have to work on to play on the next level."

Speaking of college camps, which camps are under consideration?

"Vandy is one of my top schools. I am still debating if I am going to MSU or not, but those two I have been considering the most."

Which colleges have informed Boykin that their decision could be based on his camp performances?

"Arkansas, Ole Miss, Louisville, Vandy, and Ole Miss."

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