Seth Michaelson

Seth Michaelson brings desire, a hard-nosed style of play and a love of the game to the table for the Rebel football team. Those intangibles have given him an opportunity to contribute, which is all he wants. Read about it inside.

Junior Fullback Seth Michaelson isn't likely to be a headliner for the Rebel football team.

One, he plays a position that doesn't garner the banners. Fullbacks do the dirty work and get little recognition, in most cases. They give up their bodies for the guys who do get the accolades.

Two, he plays behind Jason Cook, a very productive fullback who has about the same physical makeup as Seth - 6-0, 240 - but is two or three tenths of a second faster in the 40-yard dash than the Baton Rouge, LA, native.

"I like fullback. It is what football is all about - contact," said Seth, who walked on at Ole Miss in 2003, redshirted and has been trying to get on the field ever since. "And I understand my role on the team. Jason and I are close. I push him and he pushes me, but he's earned the number one spot."

Seth wants to accomplish a lot in the offseason and in his career, but they all boil down to one major goal: get on the field in any capacity in games.

"I want to be ready to go if Jason goes down to injury. That's first and what's most important to the team," he continued, "but I'd also like to play some special teams or do anything I can do to contribute and play."

How badly does Seth want to get on the field? Here's an example.

When Deep Snapper Sidney McLaurin graduated after the 2005 season, a void was left on the team.

OG Andrew Wicker is McLaurin's likely replacement - of the players already on campus, but the coaches asked if anyone else wanted to try it. Seth quickly volunteered.

"I'll give anything a shot," he smiled. "I had never done it before, but why not try? I have been working on it pretty hard and now I feel I can compete for the job.

"My shoulder was bothering me some in spring training, which affected my consistency snapping some, but I'm fine now and I'll be working on deep snapping all summer. It's just another way I might be able to help the team and get on the field. I can't think of anything more exciting than running downfield on a punt to make a tackle."

In the offseason, Michaelson will continue doing what he's always done - working hard to improve.

"I struggled in spring with some of the offense, mainly pass protection and my assignments. I've got to get them down. The mental stuff is so critical to the fullback position and I didn't get that down in spring. I got a feel for things, but I need to keep working to perfect it. I also have to keep working on getting my shoulder right," he stated. "I'd also like to get in the 3-4-5 Club (300 clean, 400 bench, 500 squat in the weight room). I'm 240 now and would like to be 245 when August comes around.

"And, of course, I'd like to get faster. I ran a 4.9 in the offseason in the 40 before spring training. I need to get that to a 4.7 or 4.9. Cookie is running the 4.6s and if I cam going to compete for the FB job, I have to get faster."

Seth Michaelson will not be a star on the Rebel football team next year and probably won't be in his whole career.

But he's determined to contribute and contributors have an important place on any team.

"If my teammates and coaches trust me to get the job done, I will contribute. And that's all I want to do," he closed.

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