Kentrell Lockett qualifies

Kentrell Lockett (DE, New Orleans, LA) -'s #18 nationally rated defensive end received a passing score on the ACT test last week, but he still had to finish his course work with 2 A's and 2 B's to match his act score on the sliding scale.He took his finals on Wednesday. What was the outcome?

"Everything went perfect. I actually finished with 3 A's and 1 B. I did so good on one of my test I moved up a grade," added Kentrell Lockett.

When did Lockett find out about his scores from the final?

"I went to school on Friday and the principal asked me to come to his office. I was like, oh man, what have I done. Then I walked in there and all of my teachers were in the principle's office and they started hugging my neck. That felt better than any play I have ever made on the field. It is the highlight of my life."

How did the Ole Miss staff react?

"I called Coach Wilson from the (principle's) office, and he already knew. He told me congrats before I even spit it out. I was like, dang, how do you always know everything about me before I even know. Coach Orgeron got on the phone, and he told me I better be ready to get some playing time."

When will Lockett report to Ole Miss?

"I am leaving on May 26th. I was going to play in the LA/TX All-Star game, but I can't play now. Hey, I am just ready to get over this summer and get bigger and stronger. Hopefully I can make the All-SEC freshman team."

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