Robert Elliott still solid with Ole Miss

Robert Elliott (RB, Okolona, MS) - One of the top running backs in the country was reportedly wavering with his commitment to the University of Mississippi.

"No sir, that is not true at all. I am still committed to Ole Miss, solid. My coach asked me about the report today, and I was like what?" stated the confused Robert Elliott.

Was Elliott misquoted in the report?

"The guy asked me if there were two schools who could change my mind, who would they be. I told him FSU and MSU because he wanted two schools, and then he asked me what I liked about each school, and then I gave him my reasons. But like I said, I am still solid with my commitment to Ole Miss. Those are two great schools, do not get me wrong, but I have already made up my mind."

Elliott was recently named the MVP at the Mississippi Scout Combine.

"When I saw that, I just said a prayer to God thanking him. I mean, I am really shocked. Competing against all of that talent there and being named the best is just an honor."

Okolona faced Booneville and New Albany in a Spring jamboree this past week. How did Robert fare?

"It went real well. We beat New Albany 8 - 0 in a 10 minute game and lost to Booneville 6-0 in another 10 minute game. I rushed for 150 yards on 10 carries against New Albany, and I had 7 carries for 120 yards against Booneville."

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