Derek Sherrod is wide open

Derek Sherrod (OL, Caledonia, MS) - Derek turned many heads at the Mississippi Scout combine last Spring when he measured in at 6' 5 1/2", 295 and then turned around and ran a 5.38 forty. And oh by the way, he was only a sophomore at the time.

Sherrod was unable to put his talents on display at the Mississippi combine this Spring due to a family illness.

"My mom's Aunt got real sick, and she had to watch out for her. I had to take care of the things around the house, plus, I did not have a ride. I was sick about missing that combine. I was really looking forward to competing against all of the boys I met last year," added Derek Sherrod

Spring training is now over the Mississippi high school public school system. How did Caledonia's Spring go?

"It went pretty good. A lot of people are doing a lot better this year. It looks like we are going to be a contender."

And what about Derek's Spring?

"I think I got a lot better, a lot better. I just feel a lot more confident now. I know my responsibilities a lot better. "

Have any colleges come to watch Derek practice this Spring?

"A couple of coaches have come by to practice. Miami, LSU, and Louisville have been by."

Colleges are allowed one phone call in the month of May. Which schools have used their call?

"The schools that have called are Florida, Ole Miss, Houston, MSU, and USM."

Which college called first?

"It was the coaches from Ole Miss. Coach Hughes called me, and then he put Coach Orgeron on the phone. We talked for a while, and then they asked to speak to my mother. They talked for a while. She said it was a pleasant experience. She really likes the Ole Miss coaches."

Which colleges does Derek text message and call on his on?

"I usually get text messages from Florida, MSU, Ole Miss, and USM. That is really about it. They will text message me, and then I will call them back to check up on them."

Derek has offers from some of the top programs in the country.

"I have offers from MSU, Ole Miss, USM, Houston, Miami, Florida, Alcorn State, Arkansas State, and Louisville."

Any stand out?

"Well, I would say everybody is pretty much equal right now. I am trying to find which place is best for me. I am trying to narrow it down to five schools, but I have not even been able to do that yet."

Where will Sherrod camp at this summer?

"Well, me and my parents are still trying to figure out which places I will be able to go to. The only places I have sent in my forms are LSU and Ole Miss. I am going to LSU's Sr camp and Ole Miss' team camp."

Sherrod carries a 3.3 GPA / 23 ACT


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