Bradley Sowell's recruitment is heating up

Bradley Sowell - (OL, Hernando, MS) - One of Mississippi's top offensive line prospects finished spring training last week.How did Bradley play in his Spring game?

"I did real good in our Spring game. We had a real good game. We made a lot of plays. We tied 22-22 against Itawamba," added Bradley Sowell.

Did Sowell have any pancake blocks?

"I had quite a few of them. I think I am a lot better this year."

In what ways is Bradley better?

"I really work out a lot now. We pull tires up a hill. The Ole Miss coaches told me that was a real good idea. We do a lot more of that (pulling tires) than squats. My hips are a lot stronger now because of it. Ole Miss came to a practice of ours and told my dad how glad they were to have me committed. They told him I looked really good and that I was real quick for someone my size."

Have anymore colleges been by Bradley's school to see him practice?

"Memphis came to one of my practices. Coach Croom was here last week. The Tennessee coaches have been talking to my coach about me. They want me to come to their camp. I am going to that camp and a few more camps."

Which camps will Bradley attend?

"So far, Ole Miss, Auburn, Alabama, and Tennessee. Those are for sure, so far. I am taking Quentin Saulsberry to the Alabama camp."

How close are Bradley and Quentin?

"We have been playing against each other since 8th grade. We are real good friends, real close. We talk almost every day. Independence is only a few miles down the road. We played against each other in baseball too, and we play against each other every year in the football jamborees. I do not know. Quentin is just one of those people I grew close to through sports."

Bradley stated in the past that he was not interested in camping anywhere but the school he was committed to, Ole Miss. Is Sowell now wavering?

"I am pretty solid. I am going to look around to get some experience. But when it comes down to it, I am 99.9% sure that I am going to Ole Miss. I just want to get in some camps."

What about that other .01%?

"I still like Ole Miss. You know how I am. I have always been a big Ole Miss fan. I just want to go to some camps. But I can promise you it would take a miracle to change my mind. You know me, I bleed Red and Blue."

Have any colleges talked about giving Sowell a scholarship offer?

"I think I will get some offers soon. My coach knows I am going to Ole Miss, so they do not want to waste their time, but Coach Croom came by the school and had a long talk with my coach. Something could be coming from them pretty soon. Tennessee has been talking to my coach too. Coach Jenkins told Coach Caldwell (Tennessee assistant) that he would probably be better off spending his time recruiting someone else because I was going to Ole Miss. Everybody knows I am going to Ole Miss, but once I go to some of their camps, I think I will get some."


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