Strong staying rock solid with OM commitment

Chris Strong (LB, South Panola, MS) - Mississippi's only junior to be named to the Clarion Ledger 1st Team All-State squad, Orlando Sentinal's All-South Team, and Prep Star All-American list has been busy this Spring working on his already dominate game.

"I feel like I improved myself by 200%. I am reading the plays better. I am getting to the football faster. I am being a dominate player. I just feel like I am unblockable. My tackling is much better too."

Chris led South Panola to their third straight State title last season and collected 94 tackles and 5 QB sacks from his MLB position.

This year, he is looking for an even bigger season.

"The most important number for me is 58. We have won 44 games in a row, and I do not want that on my shoulders as the person who stopped the streak. If we run the table, which I expect us to, we will have won all 58 games I have played in. Personally, I want to double all of my stats from last year, but if we are winning pretty good, I doubt I will, because the younger guys need some time to develop. That is why we never drop off, because we always have the next batch waiting when the seniors graduate. Everybody gets in their reps and knows their responsibilities. We have a system over here, and it works."

How much has Strong improved in the weight room this Spring?

"I am 6' 3", 250 right now. I have dropped a few pounds because of track. I benched 340 six times the other day and squatted 405 eight times."

Chris experienced a deep shin bruise during Spring training but has completely healed.

"They only let me practice two days a week after that happened. I am 100% now. In the Spring games I felt 110%."

South Panola played in a Spring jamboree with Clinton and Provine. How did the Tigers fare?

"We did real good. They do not keep up with the score or anything. It is all about working on your weaknesses, but I do know this, they never scored on us and we scored a bunch."

What were Chris' stats for the games?

"I had two sacks against Provine, and I had 1 sack and 4 tackles for losses against Clinton."

Were there any colleges in attendance to scout the game?

"I know there were a bunch of them, but the only one I kept up with was Ole Miss."

Is Chris still solid with his commitment to Ole Miss?

"Yes sir. I am solid, real solid. "

Chris has been told that he has over 32 scholarship offers; does he have the list?

"No, they (my coaches) just told me that I had 32 scholarship offers. I do not even ask who. I got the one (Ole Miss) where I am headed. That is all I really need to know."

Is it important for Chris to continue to play with his two good buddies, Jeramie Griffin and Leroy Diggs, on the next level?

"Yes it is important. We want to stay together. We want to win some titles on the next level too. But if someone needs to go to a different school, then you have to do what is in the best interest for you. But I know Leroy and Jeramie feel about Ole Miss the same way I do. I think it will all work out."

Has Chris begun to recruit other high school prospects from the Magnolia state to come join him at Ole Miss?

"I just recruit my teammates (laugh). No really, they have not given me a list of numbers yet, but they said they are going to do that pretty soon."


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