David Rue has a leader

David Rue (TE, Monroe, LA) - Hurricane Katrina effected millions of people which included high school athletes.David was one of the thousands from Louisiana who had to transfer to another high school due to the hurricane.

Rue was born and raised in New Orleans and built many close relationships with his peers, teachers, and coaches at St. Augustine.

When St. Augustine's school shut down, David moved to Monroe and transferred to Richmond.

The transition has been tough.

"It is a whole different atmosphere. At St. Augustine, I was playing WR mostly. I played a little tight end when we went to a double set, but I did not play TE as much. Over here, they have me playing tight end on every down, but I am not use to it. They do not throw me the ball like St. Augustine did. I want what is best for the team, so I do not complain, but man, it has been tough on me. They also put me at defensive end, so I try to take my anger out on them," added David Rue.

Even with the difficult transition, Rue is still not bitter.

"I am not saying I dislike Richmond. I am just not use to the process. It is just totally different. I am trying to keep my cool about it. I am 6' 6", just throw the ball up and I will go get it."

Has the transfer to Richmond hurt his visibility with the college recruiters?

"I do not think they know about me. I was getting a lot of exposure at St. Augustine because we were going to so many college camps, but we do not do that here. I was actually surprised the Ole Miss coaches kept in touch with me the whole time. Everybody else lost track of me."

Are there anymore colleges keeping in touch with David?

"A few coaches came to my practices when I was injured with a sprained ankle. I was embarrassed I was not on the field. It did not feel too good to know they were there to see me and I am standing on the sidelines."

And who were those coaches?

"Duke came by. Ole Miss came by. Grambling came by. La Tech came by. There were a few more, but that is all I know for sure."

Have any colleges come through with a scholarship offer?

"Ole Miss offered me. Clemson was talking about it, but they have not yet. I went to Clemson's 7 on 7 camp, and Coach Burns was talking about offering me a scholarship. But it is not on paper like Ole Miss'. I have been receiving some letters from Arkansas, USM, Texas A&M, Memphis, and Ohio State too. So I guess they are finally learning where I am at now."

Does David have a leader?

"I am not really focusing on committing right now. If I did, it would be to Ole Miss because they might have some other offers to commit. I am leaning towards them. I do not know. I might go ahead and commit. I just do not know yet."

What attracts Rue to Ole Miss?

"Their QB is suppose to be good. I have been looking for someone to get me the ball. I like their coaches a lot, and I know Ben Jarvis (Green) really good. They have a pretty good atmosphere up there to. I like the surroundings. It's just something about being a Rebel that is kind of getting to me."

Who else is under consideration?

"I want to see what Clemson is going to do. I would not mind attending a (Texas) A&M camp. The other colleges would be A&M or Clemson or Ole Miss."

Where will Rue camp at this summer?

"I will go to Ole Miss for sure. But I do not know if I will have a ride to Clemson or not. I will try to find one out to A&M, but it is going to be hard."

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