Instate battle for one of Mississippi's best

Colton Jenkins (OL, Winona, MS) - Who says the MSU Bulldogs and Ole Miss Rebels only slug it out on the field?For the savvy recruiting fans, you know better, much/much better.

A prime example is Colton Jenkins.

Colton, who has tremendous "upside", has been going back and forth between the Rebels and Dogs for months now.

He started off leaning towards Ole Miss. Then the Bulldogs turned up the heat and took the lead. In return, Ole Miss kicked it into high gear and regained a firm lead.

In fact, Colton announced at the Mississippi combine that Ole Miss was the only school he was really interested in.

Now things have changed once again.

"Ole Miss and MSU are for sure my top schools. I have never seen USM's campus, and I have never been to LSU. But MSU and Ole Miss are definitely my top schools."

What put the Bulldogs back in the race with the Rebels?

"Ole Miss, they text me all of the time. Coaches Freeze and Hughes, they send me letters in the mail telling me to call them every day. Then I have coach Grimes doing the same things. I do not know. It is a hard decision being a Dog or a Rebel. Everytime I start thinking about Ole Miss, MSU really comes on. It is hard. I just do not know right now."

Who is showing Jenkins the most interest?

"I would have to say Ole Miss. They are steadily texting and sending letters. They show me interest, and they let me know how important I am to their program."

Anymore schools on the recruiting radar?

"Well, Coach Nix from USM called last week. They offered me. The LSU recruiter came to our school last week and had a long talk with my coach. I do not know what they are going to do, but it looks like they are getting pretty serious. They want me to come to their camp."

Speaking of camps, where will Colton be at this summer?

"I will attend camps at MSU and Ole Miss for sure. I will try to make it to the USM and LSU camps, but I do not know for sure yet."

Finally, is there a timeline on when Colton could make that commitment?

"Towards the end of the summer, maybe the middle of the season, or maybe towards the end of the season. I do not know. I am just trying to find the best place where I will be happy at."

Isn't recruiting fun!!


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