Will Blackwell is one of the nations top DT's

Will Blackwell (DT, West Monroe, LA) - The national Top 100 prospect made a name for himself last season when he led West Monroe to their 1st State Championship in five years.The 6' 4", 290 pound defensive tackle had 80 tackles and 8 sacks on the season

How did West Monroe's Spring training go?

"It went good. We were only out there for about two weeks. Our baseball team made it to the State tournament so we were missing a lot of our starters, so we had a lot of the freshmen to fill in for them. We were rusty with so many players being out, but we made a lot of improvements. We got a lot of young guys some experience," stated Will Blackwell.

What about Will's Spring?

"Personally, I did alright. I was a little rusty. I had not been working out. I was a little sloppy, but I got better as the Spring went on. It was not my best, but it told me what I needed to work on this summer."

And what will Blackwell have to work on?

"My hands. My techniques are always good, but I would like to lose a little weight."

Which colleges scouts came out to see Will play this Spring?

"Oh, man, there will probably 2 or 3 for each practice. LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Ken Norton Jr from USC came. A&M, Nebraska. They came from all over the place. There were probably 40 or so coaches out there. Coach Patterson from TCU came. Miami and FSU came. Just a bunch of them came."

Which head coaches visited?

"Coach Nutt (Arkansas), Orgeron (Ole Miss), Tub (Auburn), and Miles (LSU). I think that is all of the head coaches. Coach Fulmer (TN) also came too."

Which colleges have now offered?

"Colorado, Texas A&M, and Notre Dame are my most recent offers. Nebraska should be offering pretty soon. When the season starts, I will be getting some more. As far as the rest of them. They are LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, USM, TCU, N' Western, and Texas A&M."

Which head coaches have given Blackwell a phone call this month?

"Well, Coach Orgeron was the first coach to call me. He called on the first day they could call us. Coach Miles (LSU) called about an hour after Coach O called. Coach Hawkins (Colorado), Weis (Notre Dame), Tub (Auburn), Patterson (TCU), Franchoine (Texas A&M) all called. I think that is about it."

Scout.com only allows seven colleges under the schools of interest in a player's profile. Which seven would Blackwell like to be listed?

"I would put Notre Dame, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and lets see, I really do not know about a seventh. Go ahead and put Arkansas in there. Yes, Arkansas would be my 7th."

In one sentence, what stands out about each school?

Notre Dame - "Tradition."

Tennessee -"I would say their stadium. Just how many people watch them play."

LSU - "It would have to be their facilities, coaching staff, and of course their recent success."

Alabama - "I hear a lot of good things about Coach Shula. I have been there. They have a nice place and facilities. I also have some family in Tuscalosa."

Auburn - "One good thing about Auburn is Steven Ensminger being there. We are real close friends and our families are too. They are also one of the winningest teams in the SEC."

Ole Miss - "I have to say their coaching staff. I am real close to Coach Orgeron and all of those guys who are over there. My grandfather is also real close to Coach Orgeron because he coached him when he was in college."

Arkansas - "The only thing I hear about Arkansas is that it is so nice up there. I just hear a lot of positive things about Arkansas. I have never been there, but I plan to pretty soon."

Which camps will Will visit this summer?

"I probably will not take in any camps. I will probably just go over there for a day and check out some places I have never been to. I want to see some schools I have not seen so I can narrow down which schools I want to take an official visit with."

When could a commitment take place?

"I will wait until after my season is over and take all of my visits before making a decision. My main focus right now is repeating (a high school championship.)

Will carries a 3.5 GPA / 24 ACT


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