Jeramie Griffin remains solid

Jeramie Griffin (LB, South Panola, MS) - There was some concern when one of Ole Miss' key recruits did not show up for their senior camp that was held yesterday.So what happened?

"To be honest, I did not even know about it, but I could not have gone anyway because I just just had knee surgery."

What type of injury did Griffin sustain?

"I had some loose cartilage that had to be removed."

How long will this put Jeramie on the DL?

"Well, I am actually going to Ole Miss' passing camp on Thursday. I am going to play QB so I do not have to move much. That way, I will not be doing much cutting or anything to put any pressure on me."

Will this put South Panola's starting QB, LeRoy Diggs, on the sideline?

"Oh no, he is the man (laugh). He is going to play receiver or cornerback in college anyway, so they are going to move him to those positions during the 7 on 7 games. But when the real games start, he will have his job back (laugh)."

How did Jeramie's Spring training go?

"It went good. I learned to become a better leader, really. That is what it was all about for me."

Has Griffin received any additional offers since he committed to Ole Miss?

"Just LSU."

Any phone calls in May?

"Of course Ole Miss calls. But other than them, just Alabama."

What did Alabama have to say?

"They just asked if I was still committed to Ole Miss. I told them I was, and they told me to keep them in mind if I were to change my mind."

Is Griffin still firm with his commitment?

"Oh yea, no doubt."

What attracts Griffin towards Ole Miss?

"I just like their coaching staff and the whole atmosphere. I have always wanted to be a Rebel. I like how they practice too. They keep everybody so into it, going from drill to drill and keeping it so fun."

Ole Miss has several former South Panola players on their current team; did this play a role in his decision?

"Yea, it really did. I have a lot of good friends over there. I played a lot of ball with some of those guys. It is always nice to be with your friends and carrying it on to that next level and hopefully winning some championships."

Griffin is noted as one of the more powerful runners in the state of Mississippi as he bullied his way for over 1, 100 yards and 14 TD's as a junior at the fullback position. What makes that even more impressive is that his two backmates, Ricky Sanford and LeRoy Diggs, also rushed for over 1, 000 yards.

What are Griffin's current strength numbers?

"I benched 340 the other day, and I squatted 405 before I had my knee scooped."

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