Derek Sherrod visits Florida and Ole Miss

Derek Sherrod (OL, Caledonia, MS) - One of the top prospects in the Magnolia state is beginning to receive national attention as Notre Dame and Michigan recently offered.

In the meantime, Sherrod has been busy touring the colleges he is interested in.

Sherrod took in the Florida Senior Camp on Sunday.

"It was a great experience, overall. It helped me improve my game. I got familiar with their coaches. But basically, it helped my game out a lot going against so many great linemen."

Derek left Florida on Monday and headed back to Mississippi on Tuesday and took in an unofficial visit to Ole Miss.

"It was a real cool visit. My and my dad went up there so my dad could familiarize himself with their school. Coach Orgeron gave us a tour of their facilities. It was pretty cool. They have big time facilities at Ole Miss. He did not know they had facilities like they have. My dad was real impressed."

What else did Derek and his father learn about Ole Miss that maybe they did not know from before?

"I learned about their intentions and how they care about their recruits and how they feel about me. It is just a part of the game."

What were Derek's fathers impressions of Ole Miss?

"He was highly impressed with their presentation with their current players. My dad was also impressed with how many good players they are recruiting and bringing in. Their facilities really stood out too."

Did this trip help Ole Miss' cause?

"I would have to say it did because I got to have a heart to heart talk with their staff, along with my dad getting familiar with their school."

Where will Sherrod visit next?

"I do not think I am going to go on too many trips. But I do have one planned for Notre Dame. I am going to go up there and talk with their coaches. I will go to the MSU football camp, and that will probably be it for the summer."

Which colleges are now at the top of Derek's wish list?

"Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Louisville."

It is no hidden secret that Derek's brother, Dezmond Sherrod, is a current member of the Mississippi State football squad.

Realistically, does this make MSU the team to beat for Sherrod's services?

"Not really. Yea, it is fair to say MSU does has a chance because my brother goes there. That is a big factor, but I also want to go to the best school for me."

What are the positives of having Derek's brother currently at MSU?

"Well, even though he will only be there for a year if I go there, he can help familiarize me with MSU a lot faster. Anywhere else, if I did attend somewhere else, it would take me a little longer, but I would adjust fairly well."

What will be the most important factors for Sherrod when it comes decision time?

"I always ask about what they do to help you graduate and how they help their players get their grades. That is probably the main factor."

Derek is an excellent student as he carries a 3.65 GPA / 20 ACT.

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