Alex Williams is rock solid with Ole Miss

Alex Williams (OL, New Orleans, LA) - In today's era of "early commitments" it is unusual to see a prospect state that he will not even take any phone calls or open up letters from competing universities, but that is exactly what the's preseason Top 100 prospect is doing.

"I am solid with Ole Miss now, so I do not even read them (letters) unless it comes from Ole Miss. I got a stack right now from other schools that I have not even touched. I probably get 50 or so letters a day from all over the country. I just throw them in a box in my closet. The only letters I read are the ones from Ole Miss," stated Alex Williams.

And what about phone calls?

"I had to change my cell number because some schools were bugging me so bad. Now I just use my grandmother's cell phone. Nobody has it but Ole Miss. At least for now (laugh). If they get her number, I'll just change numbers again. I mean, some of these schools just would not take no for an answer. Once they could start calling us in May, it was terrible. I just told my grandmother that I was through talking to all of them. Now the only time we answer the phone is if we see 662 (for the area code) on it. That's just the way it is going to be. I am a Rebel. There will be no second thoughts for me. I am completely sold on Ole Miss."

And what made up Alex's mind so early?

"I just feel like it is home up there. Ever since I went up there for Jr Day. It is like home away from home. The staff is mostly from Louisiana. I have some good friends on that team too. That is where I am going to be for four year, well, probably three."

And why three?

"Hopefully I will be far enough along where I can go in the (NFL) draft after my junior year. If it takes me another year, then so be it, but I feel like I will be ready in three years."

Alex took in the Ole Miss senior camp this past weekend.

"It was fun. I loved it. It was a good workout. I learned how they like to compete in everything. I learned some new techniques too, but mostly, it just showed me how they are going to coach me. I love how they stay on you. They push right to the limit. That is what I need. That is one of the reasons I think I will be ready in three years. I feel like they can coach me up and get me to the league. I know I have the talent, I just need some coaching like they have. It is a perfect fit for me. Just going to that camp made me even more sure of my decision. I am ready to get up there and compete for a starting spot."

Alex was able to go against one of his good friends, who just happens to be from New Orleans and is committed to Ole Miss, at the Ole Miss Sr Camp.

"Yea, Drake (Nevis) and I worked out at Landry together when I was there. He transferred and so did I, but that is when we became tight. Every since then, we have been cool. We are talking about rooming together next year. He is a great player. I enjoyed going toe and toe against him. We are going to make each other a lot better."

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