Where will Antwon Dixon camp at this summer?

Antwon Dixon (S, Terry, MS) - Antwon was recently named as one of the Top 100 players in the country by scout.com.

"It was an honor, to be honest," added the always humble Antwon Dixon. "I never thought all of this would happen to me. I am just thankful everyone has looked after me"

But it is Antwon's skills that put Dixon on the map. Take this Spring's jamboree for an example. Dixon had 1 TD against McClain and 3 TD's against Ridgeland, and this is only in one 12 minute quarter.

Last season, he was one of the state's top two way players. He caught 21 passes for 587 yards and 11 TdDs. Dixon also had 70 tackles and 6 interceptions at the position he is projected to play on the next level, safety.

Has Antwon seen any improvement in his game this Spring and offseason?

"Yes sir, I talk to my teammates more. I have taken on more of a leadership role since my brother (Anthony Dixon) graduated. I just try to make sure everyone is into the game."

Colleges from across the country have begun to take notice in this talented youngster.

"I had a few come to my practices, like LSU, USM, Ole Miss, and Florida State."

There seems to be two coaches that have caught Antwon's eye.

"I have a good bond with Coach Hughes (Ole Miss) and Croom (MSU). Coach Hughes is always so excited, and he is a good coach. I have also known him since I have been a little kid, so you know, it goes further than just the football thing. And Coach Croom, he is serious and really wants to win. I like to win too. I do not like to lose, so we like the same things."

Antwon will start his "camping tour" next week.

"I go to USM next week, and after that, I am going to Mississippi State and LSU. I think that is going to be it for me."

Which colleges are at the top of Dixon's wish list?

"The same schools. You know, LSU, MSU, Ole Miss, Florida, Miami, and Alabama."

Which college is showing Antwon the most attention?

"Missisispi State and Ole Miss. It would be between those two."


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