Jerry Franklin gets in touch with Rebel staff

Jerry Franklin (DB, Marion, AR) - Jerry stated last night that he was going to get in contact and possibly make a commitment to the Ole Miss Rebels last night. Did he make contact?

"Yes sir, I called Coach Freeze, added Jerry Franklin"

And what happened?

"I did not commit last night. I just wanted to talk to my mother first before I did it. I wanted to make sure she was comfortable with it. I know I want to commit. I just have to wait until my mother gets back in town to talk to her about it. My father is OK with it, but he wanted me to get the OK with her first."

When does Franklin expect his mother to get back in town?

"She was suppose to get in last night, but she is not going to get back home until tomorrow night."

When Mrs. Franklin does arrive back in town; what will be the issues they will discuss?

"She will just want to know if I like it at Ole Miss and if I feel comfortable with my surroundings."

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