Robert Elliott talks about Ole Miss camp

Robert Elliott (RB, Okolona, MS) - Robert recently took in an Ole Miss football camp.

What did he check in at?

"I came in at just over 6' 1", 192, and I ran a 4.5 forty."

How was the overall experience at the camp?

"It was good. I got to meet a lot of talented athletes. It was a great camp. I always have a good time up there."

How did Elliott stack up against the competition?

"I feel like I matched up good. I feel I did very well."

Did Elliott get a chance to talk to the Ole Miss coaches?

"Yes sir, they were talking good. They said can not wait to get me down there. I told them to be ready, I was coming."

Elliott recently scheduled three official visits with Ole Miss, MSU, and FSU. Did the Ole Miss staff ask him about his commitment status due to these visits being lined up

"No sir, they never asked me if I was still committed. They know I am coming. Coach Orgeron is like family to me. He knows what is up."

Where will Robert camp at next?

"I think that is going to be the only camp I go to. I do not think I am going to anymore camps, but our team is going to the 7 on 7 camp at MSU in July."

What will Elliott being doing with his spare time this summer?

"Just working out, conditioning. I work out twice a day. I am trying to get my bench to around 300 and my squat to around 475. Those are my goals." released their Top 100 national prospects in the country last week and Robert checked in at #55.

"That felt great. I loved it. I was shocked. It was just shocking. I feel honored to be a part of that list. Those are some great players on that list."


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