Rebels eye Louisiana camper

Alex Washington (OL, Monroe, LA) - The Monroe area is dotted with big time talent.

Ahmad Paige (WR), Luther Davis (DE), Will Blackwell (DT), C.C. Carpenter (LB), Terry Carter (CB), Domonique Dade (QB/Ath), and the largest of all, Alex Washington (OL), are all D1 caliber athletes.

The wide body Washington, 6' 4", 315, attends Carroll High.

Alex is more than just a stand out on the football field, as he placed 3rd in the state of Louisiana last year in the shot put.

But it is on the football field where Alex is receiving the most attention from the college recruiters.

What are Washington's strengths on the field?

"My pass technique, and we study a lot of defenses on film at Carroll. I get good coaching here. But it is my pass blocking that gives me the leg up on my competitors. We do a lot of passing around here, and not many high schools throw it like we do, so that gives me an edge."

And what will Alex have to work on to take his game to that next level?

"I just finished with my weight training. I am down to 315, a good 315. My bench is at 345 and my squat is 500. I want to get that to 375 and 550 before the end of the summer. I am just working on my conditioning and trying to get stronger."

Has Alex had a chance to showcase his skills this summer?

"I have been to two camps so far. I went to Ole Miss (OL/DL) camp, and I went to La Tech."

How did he like his Ole Miss experience?

"It was pretty nice up there. They have a nice campus and some good coaches. That is what I like about them, their coaches. Their population is not that big, so that is a good thing. I want to be in a college town."

And what about La Tech?

"That was a one day camp. All of the guys in our area came to the camp. It was pretty good. They showed us a lot of technique drills."

Where will Alex camp next?

"I am going to Grambling later on this week and LSU next month."

Which colleges have offered Alex a scholarship?

"I have a full scholarship offer from Grambling, Ole Miss, and Southern so far."

And who is at the top of Washington's list?

"LSU, Ole Miss, Florida, FSU, Grambling, Southern, just most of the Southern schools and West Virginia."

.What does Alex like about the LSU Tigers?

"I think they have a good program down there. My decision is going to come down to who ever signs the least OL, and where I have the best chance to play."

Taking playing time into consideration; which college can Alex make the quickest impact?

"So far, I think Ole Miss. They definitely need some freshmen to come in there and give them some help. When I saw them play LSU last year, they were running by their Ol like they were standing still."

Which college is showing Washington the most interest?

"It is Ole Miss. They send a lot of post cards and stuff. They tell me how bad they want me to be a part of their program. They send me a lot of info telling me about their graduation percentage. That is what really caught my eye. They are in the Top 10 in the country in graduating their players. That is real important."

Did the Rebels ask Alex to commit during their football camp?

"They did not ask me to commit. I am going to wait until February 2nd to announce my decision."

Alex carries a 3.0 GPA / 17 ACT.

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