Recruiting profile with Harvey Haynes

Harvey Haynes (DE, Metairie, LA) - Hurricane Katrina certainly put a damper throughout the Louisiana and Mississippi region. The football circuit was no different.

"Our district, because of the Hurricane (Katrina), did not pick a team. I thought that was horrible. That penalized Harvey (Haynes), as he was the most dominate player in our district. I have been coaching for 39 years, and I would rate him as good as any kid I have coached. And I have coached some good ones," commented East Jefferson's head coach, Henry Rando.

Harvey Haynes is a 6' 4", 235 defensive end who simply terrorizes anybody in front of him.

"All of the coaches who came in the Spring felt the same way," added Henry Rando. "He is a 6' 4" kid with tremendous ability. He has such long arms and tremendous strength. The kid is already benching 300 pounds and squatting 425. He runs the 100 meter hurdles for our track team, which shows the kid can move. He is a legit 4.8 guy. By that, I mean he is a 4.8 guy that you read on these reports that run a 4.5. I have seen all kinds of players who are listed as 4.4 and 4.5 who Harvey runs down."

What will Haynes need to work on for the next level?

"He needs to put on some weight. Right now, he is 233. Harvey lost a few pounds because of track. I need for him to come in August at 245. He knows that. Harvey needs to get a little heavier."

Which colleges came in this Spring to evaluate Harvey?

"Every school from Louisiana came in. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, USM, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Central Florida, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Vandy, and Clemson also came in. Those are just the ones off of the top of my head. Nebraska was extremely impressed with him. Quite a few people came in."

Has this standout defensive end received any early scholarship offers?

"So far, Ole Miss and Auburn have offered. Nebraska will be sending him something pretty soon."

Which colleges are the main players for Harvey's services?

"Of course, LSU. And Ole Miss, Miami, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma. I would say that would be his Top 5."

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