Bradley Sowell continues his camping circuit

Bradley Sowell - (OL, Hernando, MS) - Bradley had a chance to take in the Ole Miss OL/DL camp last Saturday.How did it go?

"I might have not been in my best condition when I showed up, but that stuff was hard. All of the coaches said I was better that what they originally thought. I thought I moved real well. That was the first time I have been timed in the 40, and I ran a 5.6 forty. I weighed in at 341, and I measured right at 6' 8". I have grown another inch since I was last measured."

What did the Ole Miss coaches say to Bradley after the camp?

"They have called since the camp. They talked to my coach. They said I did real well. They did not think I was as good as I was. That was what I was thinking. I was not sure they knew I was this good. I kind of surprised them."

Bradley had a chance to compete against the some of the best defensive linemen around the Region at the Ole Miss camp; who gave him the most trouble?

"Man, no doubt, that would have to be Stanley Porter. He was just so quick off of the edge. Porter has the best first step out of anybody I have ever gone one on one against."

Which other o-linemen impressed Sowell?

"I still think Michael Antonescu is getting way over looked. That boy has it all. I am shocked that no one has offered Michael yet. When he told me he still did not have any offers, I was like dang, what are these people looking at. That blond haired center from Alabama (Caleb Thomas). He is the real deal. And of course, I like Colton Jenkins a lot. He is just so athletic. He probably has more athleticism than ant of us out there, and that includes myself. Well, that Alex Williams moved pretty good too. There was a lot of talent out there. I know that."

Bradley reported to us the last time we spoke that he planned on taking in some more camps.

"Yea, I am going to Tennessee in a few minutes (interview was conducted on Friday morning). We are coming back on Sunday. It is kind of like an unofficial visit. I will go to camp on Saturday and then come back on Sunday. I do not know if our team will do any team camps, but if we do, I play WR on the 7 on 7 team. I am telling you, I can not be stopped on the fade. It is crazy. It reminds me of my playing days at tight end. I do not know how I can do it so good, but nobody can cover me."

Why did Bradley choose Tennessee as one of his camp selections?

"I do not know. My boss I work for, his son is going to the camp, so I am catching a ride. I have always liked watching Tennessee play since I was a kid, and Coach Matt Luke really wanted me to come up there. We are probably going to go out to dinner with Coach Luke Saturday night. He is going to show us around. If I do go up there, they said they are going to offer me."

Does Bradley still remain solid with Ole Miss?

"Yes, still, for sure. I am trying to recruit some players to come with me. I really do not want to say who right now, but trust me, I am being pretty active out there. I think I got a couple of guys who are ready."

What will Bradley be doing for the remainder of the summer?

"I am working out four days a week, and I am back on the baseball team. I am just starting to get back in the swing of things."

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