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It's summer - supposedly the slow time of the year - but college athletics doesn't work that way any more. The lazy days of summer are a thing of the past. For coaches and players, it's business as usual. For fans, the anticipation of football season begins to grow. Read some tidbits inside.

There's a lot of talk about who will stay and who will go (pro) from the 2006 baseball team.

Spirit Baseball guru Jeff Roberson asks every day and every day he gets a different answer, but this much is certain - even if all the players rumored and eligible to leave the team to chase their dreams of a professional baseball career do so, the Rebels will still have a solid foundation for next season and the future.

When you can anchor an infield with SS Zack Cozart, 2B Justin Henry, 1B C.J. Ketchum and have all of your young starters - plus two of three top relievers - on the mound back in the fold, that's cause for high hopes.

LF Logan Power will be a year "wiser" after batting .328 as a rookie. Evan Button, Cody Overbeck, Brett Basham and a couple of more gained valuable experience in 2006 and will be ready to take their games to the next level. Jon-Jon Hancock slumped a little this year, but look for him to shake the sophomore jinx and return to the form that made him such a promising prospect in 2005. And there are others. . .

It will also be interesting to see which of the highly-touted signees adjust the quickest to college baseball. There will be one or two who make an impact - you can bank that.

We'd like C Justin Brashear, CF Alex Presley, et al - lower draft choices who have not made up their minds what their immediate future holds - to come back, but if they choose not to, we wish them well and believe the Rebs will simply reload for the 2007 season. The foundation is solid for continued success. The baseball program is the least of our worries.

* If you haven't witnessed or attended one yet, there is an annual - this will be the sixth - event on campus that tops the charts for (female) fan fun - The Ladies Football Forum, coming up this Saturday, June 24th.

Senior Staff Assistant Chyna Ward - the founder and organizer of the one-day event - has turned the day into one of the msot anticipated, for Lady Rebs, of the year.

To capsule, it's a special day where the Rebels of the kinder, gentler gender can interact with Ole Miss coaches and players and learn a lot of the basics about football at the same time. They learn the ins and outs of the football program and the game of football, and they do so with as much enthusiasm and laughter as you will see at any event Ole Miss offers.

This year's special guest will be former Rebel great Chris Spencer, now with the Seattle Seahawks.

Ladies, if you haven't partaken, you need to. Call Chyna at 1-662-915-1564. It's not too late to sign up and you will be glad you did. It's the best $125 you will spend if laughter, fun and Rebel education is your goal.

* Man, will I be glad when QB Brent Schaeffer gets to Ole Miss.

99.9% of that statement revolves around the need for him to get here from a team standpoint and the nedd for him to start directing the Rebel offense. As you know, the southpaw whiz kid is very important to the football team's immediate chances and hopes, and that's the main reason he needs to get on board ASAP.

But the other .1% has to do with relieving the anxiety level of some of our fans. No matter how many times we say "Brent will be here and will be eligible," until he actually gets here there is a degree of tension and doubt regarding his arrival that is unlike any other I have seen concerning one player.

I can't say I blame those who are biting their nails. I'd probably be the same if I wasn't so certain everything is in order. Too many people - inside the program and close to Brent - have "confirmed" he's "fine" for me to get worked up, but for reasons I can't explain some people will remain on the edge of their seats until he's got his Ole Miss helmet on.

So we are left to do one thing. The daily Brent Schaeffer update: Brent will be at Ole Miss this summer and will be under center when August practice rolls around. Although it's not in concrete yet, we believe it's as close to a certainty as can be.

* An alert subscriber asked us the other day if something was wrong with Rebel PG Justin Cerasoli - he had seen someone on campus he thought was Cerasoli in a cast.

Justin broke his wrist in a freak accident recently and will be in a cast for six weeks, but he's expected to be fine by mid-August. Nice pickup, dear reader. In all the hoopla surrounding the baseball team, that tidbit was completely lost in the shuffle by us.

* I ran into OL signee John Jerry at Handy Andy BBQ in Oxford the other day. Good grief that is one large human being. He looks like a taller Michael Oher - thick, but not fat.

I remember last fall talking to Coach O prior to a practice. Oher was working out doing some pre-practice pass sets in the background. I asked Coach O what it would take to really get the program where he wanted it.

He did not hesitate. He pointed right at Oher and said "about a half-dozen more who look and play like him." I don't know if a half-dozen are on the way, but I know one is - John Jerry. Man, he's impressive on the hoof. He certainly passes the look test and from what we understand from anyone who's ever been around him or evaluated him, he can also play. I've never seen him suit up and I'm excited about him already.

* In the past, we've been able to conduct offseason (summer) interviews with incoming freshmen and signees in the summer. This is a note to let you know we haven't gotten lazy. This summer, a new interpretation of the NCAA rules by the Ole Miss compliance folks has made them off limits to the media until their eligibility officially begins in August. As soon as we are able to talk to them and watch them work out, we will. Thanks for your patience.

* Is it as amazing to you as it is to us that Coach O and his staff are over halfway "done" with 2007 recruiting in terms of commitments?

Yes, we know there's a probability that a couple may not hold - there always is. Yes, we realize it's nearly eight months until Signing Day and things can change.

But the start to 2007 recruiting has been unbelievable and it's only going to get better.

We've said this many times, but we can't stress it enough - recruiting for Coach O and his staff is non-stop. It's every day of every week. Every week of every month. Every month of the year.

With that kind of effort, organization, preparation and relentlessness, - along with the sheen and luster of the product they have to sell (Ole Miss) - success is sure to follow. You are seeing it now and will continue to see it.

* Final Note: Happy Father's Day to all Rebel Dads. I hope your special day is everything you want and more.

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