Kodi Burns has four on his mind

Kodi Burns (QB, Fort Smith, AR) - Scout.com's #10 nationally ranked quarterback has been labeled as an "athlete" playing QB by some, but if you are looking to sign this talented youngster out of Fort Smith, you better know this,

"I look at myself as a pocket passer. A lot of people say I am an athlete, but I want the school I sign with to know I am a true quarterback. Yes, I can make plays with my legs when something breaks down, but I want a school that wants me as a pocket passer and will keep me as a quarterback once I get there," added Kodi Burns.

Burns accounted for 31 touchdowns as a junior by completing 134-of-277 passing for 2,182 yards and 20 touchdowns and rushing for 965 yards and another 11 scores.

What does Burns consider to be his strengths at quarterback?

"I am the type of passer that can pick you apart with my arm or make plays with my legs. But again, I am more of a pocket passer than a scrambling quarterback."

And what will Kodi need to work on for the next level?

"My accuracy. I won the arm strength contest in the QB challenge at the EA Sports Elite 11 camp in Atlanta. I threw it 75 yards in the air, but I just need to fine tune it up for college."

Has Burns had a chance to take in any college camps?

"Our team went to the Tulsa 7 on 7 tournament. We did real good, but we played a lot of weak teams. The ACT was being given on the same day, so a lot of the good players were not there."

Will Kodi be taking in anymore camps this summer?

"No, I think that is going to be it for me. I went to the Elite 11 camp in Atlanta, but that will probably be my only individual camp to go to."

Arkansas was the first college to offer the Top 100 national prospect. The Hawgs offered Kodi before the start of his junior campaign. Like we see in today's recruiting world, after the first school offers, it is a domino effect.

"I just started getting a bunch after that (Arkansas offer). Tulsa, Arkansas State, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Vandy, Auburn, MSU, and Kansas State."

And the most important question for fans throughout the country is which colleges are now at the top of Kodi's list?

"The ones that have me as their number one QB are Auburn, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, and Vandy. They have me as their number one guy, and I really like that. That is why they are my top schools."

Has Burns had a chance to start taking in any unofficial visits to the colleges he is interested in?

"No sir, unofficially I went to Arkansas' Jr Day. They are just down the road. I was planning on going to some in June, but the coaches told me they had their camps going on, so they could spend some more time with me if I came in July."

Are any July visits set in concrete?

"I have set one up for Auburn and Ole Miss. I do not know exactly when, but I am going to Texas A&M the weekend after July 4th."

What has Kodi so interested in the Auburn Tigers?

"They are an SEC school, and I have always wanted to play in the SEC. Their QB situation is appealing because they are having a lot of problems. They have some older guys who are hurt, and they are looking for a young QB to come in there and make an impact."

And what about the Ole Miss Rebels?

"My linemen committed there last week. Paul Henry and I are pretty tight. We like a lot of the same things, and he said I would love it down there. That helps having him going there."

What are A&M's positives?

"They are recruiting me the hardest. They text message and check up on me every day. Coach Fran is a great guy. I went over there last year to check out their campus and everything is nice. They also have a good Sports Medicine program, which is what I want to major in."

And Vandy?

"Coach Kizer came to my school, and he explained to me I am their number one guy at QB. He also said it is a real smart school, and if I graduated from Vandy, I will be known in the business community. That will be a real big factor."

Obviously, playing the QB position is very important for Kodi, but what will be some other factors?

"I will look at their depth chart and see where I can get on the field the quickest. That will be basically it. I like the state of Arkansas, but everybody assumes I am going to stay in Arkansas because I am from here, but I kind of think it would be neat to experience the other parts of the country. If a college in California was the best fit, I would not hesitate at all to go there."

Kodi carries a 3.4 GPA / 18 ACT.

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