Impressive at Tennessee camp

Bradley Sowell - (OL, Hernando, MS) - Bradley camped at Tennessee this weekend.How did the trip go?

"It was awesome. I loved it. I had a really good time. I did really/really well. I had a lot better camp at Tennessee than I did at Ole Miss."

What did Sowell do better at the Tennessee camp than Ole Miss'?

"I ran the 40 in a 5.5. At Ole Miss, I ran a 5.6. I long snapped the ball in .70 seconds. That said that was extremely impressive. I showed really good footwork. I think I was the best lineman there. They really liked me."

Was a formal offer extended?

"I think there is going to be one coming pretty soon. They said they were really talking about it. They said the only reason they did not offer me at the camp is because they do not think they can get me away from Ole Miss."

What was Sowell's response?

"I said that it would be nice to have the offer from them."

If Bradley is offered by Tennessee; would he remain solid with his commitment to Ole Miss?

"Yea, I told them I was pretty solid. I have been rooting for them (Ole Miss) for 17 years, and that is where my heart is. But I also told them that if they were to give me an offer, it would give me a little something to think about."

Did Sowell ever get a chance to go out to dinner with Coach Luke?

"No, I was going to, but they said it was against the NCAA rules for them to see me off campus. I talked to Coach Luke and Atkins a whole bunch at the camp though. They said I had unbelievable athletic skills for a guy my size. I long snapped, blocked, threw the ball, went out for passes, punted, kicked, just a little of everything. They had the #1 OL from Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Michigan there, and they said any coach would be crazy to take any of them over me. They were kind of taken back by how athletic I was being my size (6' 8", 340)."

Will Bradley be attending anymore camps this summer?

"No, I have to start focusing on Hernando. It is getting pretty close to the season. I need to be with the guys, working out , and getting ready for one last run (at the state title). That was my last camp."

Bradley carries an 18 ACT/3.2 GPA/

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