Caleb Thomas has two SEC schools out in front

Caleb Thomas (OL, Decatur, AL) - Many Rebel fans might remember Tim Thomas who played for Ole Miss' only basketball team to win the SEC Championship. Tim's son is now a rising star in the Alabama football ranks. Caleb, Tim's son, recently took in the Ole Miss (DL/OL) football camp.

"Their coaches have a lot of energy. It was intense. I liked that part. It was hard, and you had to work hard. That was the main thing I liked about that camp," added Caleb Thomas.

But it looks like the Vols have the upper hand in Thomas' recruitment.

"Tennessee is probably my leader. I like their coaches. They have a family atmosphere. Their facilities are nice, and it is not far from home."

What about the Vol's camp?

"It was not like Ole Miss'. It was more laid back. They did a little more coaching at Tennessee. Basically all of the camps are the same with the one on one drills and the testings and stuff. I really enjoyed both Tennessee and Ole Miss. They just have different approachs."

Caleb is still looking for a scholarship offer from both colleges.

"Ole Miss said I am like second or third in line (for center prospects) behind T-Bob Herbert. I am behind him, I think. At Tennessee, I am about third. I do not know who I am behind. They did not tell me like Ole Miss did. They just said I am third in line."

When decision time comes; what will be the main factors?

"Distance. I want to stay close to home. The facilities will also be important. I really liked Ole Miss' facilities. I am looking for something like theirs. And their tradition. That is what I like about Tennessee. They have great tradition."

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