Jamie Jones takes in OM and Texas camps

Jamie Jones (LB, Springdale, AR) - Springdale unquestionable had one of the more talented teams in the country last season.

Take a look at some of the Division one players that signed off of their squad last season. Lets start with arguably one of the top, if not the top, quarterback in the country in Mitch Mustain. Their team also had 4 Star WR's in Damian Williams and Andrew Norman, who both signed with Arkansas. You also had 4 star Barthy Webb (OL) that signed with Notre Dame. And lastly, 3 star TE prospect, Ben Cleveland, signed with Arkansas.

This year's crop is not as deep, but they still have a trio that sports multiple offers in place kicker Alex Tejada, tight end Zach Pianalto (committed to Texas), and , Jamie Jones.

Jamie reported to the Texas camp this month at 6' 0", 215 and ran a 4.58 forty.

Where else has Jones camped at this summer?

"I went to Ole Miss', and I went to Arkansas for a little bit. That is it," added Jamie Jones.

How did his camping experience go at Ole Miss?

"I liked the surroundings, coaches, and I just pretty much liked everything about it. I like how they play defense. I went against some of their commits at the camp. They wanted to see how I stacked up. Everything went good. Their coaches liked how I played.".

And what about his Texas experience?

"I liked Texas also. Their coaches were good to me. They liked how I played. They said they would keep in contact with me. They told me they only had a few more spots left, but I was in line for one (an offer)."

What makes Jamie so good?

"My quickness and using my hands. I play well in open spaces. I love to play the game, and I love to get my teammates into it. I just have a nose for the ball."

Jamie proved he had a nose for the ball last year as he collected over 80 tackles and 7 sacks.

But like all players, there is room for improvement.

"I need to work on my speed right now. I am going to the speed camp Matt Jones went to so I can get my speed down and work on my flexibility."

Which colleges have now offered Jones a scholarship?

"Kentucky, Kansas State, Kansas, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State."

Where else does Jamie plan on camping at this summer?

"I will probably try and go on a few unofficial visits to some of the schools I am interested in, like Kentucky, Kansas State, Alabama, and South Carolina. But I probably will not go to anymore camps"

Which colleges are now at the top of Jamie's list?

"I like Alabama, Texas, Ole Miss, and just a bunch of the SEC schools. I like Oklahoma too. I like Auburn. They have been talking to me. Oklahoma has not though. Arkansas is cool. I do not know. I really have not just narrowed it down yet."

When Jamie is trying to narrow the field; what will be some of the factors?

"I will look at the coach's relationship with their players. I also will look at their defense. I like a quick and fast defense, like Alabama. I do not want to go to a team that has problems. I do not want to hear bad things, like eternal problems and things like that. I just want a good all around school that plays really fast on defense."

What got Jamie interested in Alabama?

"Every since I have been watching them play football, they play fast. I have not seen their campus yet, but I plan on going over this summer to check them out."

And Auburn?

"I like Auburn because of their quick defense. I stay focused on how they play together, and they play as one unit. They have had some good linebackers in the past. Most of the schools that I mentioned, I just like them because of how they play defense."

What about Jones' home state school, Arkansas?

"I like Arkansas. They are looking for an OLB in the 6' 2" range. I have some friends who go to school there. Some people say they do not need any help at linebacker, but I do not know. I have no idea where I want to go to school yet. The best school out there is the one I will pick."

Lastly, which colleges are showing Jamie the most interest?

"Kansas State and Ole Miss. South Carolina is also sending a lot of letters, but those two have been talking to me the most."

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