Baseball signee arrives at Ole Miss

Fuller Smith (OF, Hills College, TX) - There has been little said about the 6' 1", 200 pounder that prepped at Vestevia Hills (AL) out of high school, so we decided to fill in some blanks.

Blank number one, just which position will Fuller play at Ole Miss?

"Left Field of Center Field. I play everywhere, really. They just have not pin pointed a position for me, but I will play somewhere in the outfield."

Which position did Smith spend the majority of his career playing?

"Mostly centerfield. I would like to think that is my natural position."

Fuller had a very successful sophomore campaign at Hills College.

"I hit .403 with 5 HR's, 28 doubles, 5 triples, and 30 RBI's."

Did he receive any awards?

"I was named All-Conference in Region 5."

And what about Smith's freshman year at Hills?

"I hit .315 with 4 Hr's and 42 RBI's. I had a terrible slump in the middle of the year which really hurt my average. As a matter of act, that was my only year of organized ball where I batted under .400. I would pretty much like to forget about that season."

What does Fuller do well at the plate?

"I am a gap to gap hitter. I hit a lot of gaps, but I am turning more into a power hitter now."

And what does he do well on the field?

"My speed is my strength. I have a torn muscle in my shoulder so I have not thrown that much. My arm is just average right now, but as soon as it heals, I should regain that strength."

How long will it take Fuller to regain full strength in the injured shoulder?

"The doctor said it will be another 6 to 8 weeks."

Due to Smith's shoulder injury, he was not able to play summer ball. Therefore, Fuller decided to enroll at Ole Miss to get a head start on his academics.

"It has been great. I love it here. The people are so friendly and awesome. The girls are not bad either (laugh). This is everything I could have asked for in a college experience. Well, as long as I get a starting job (laugh). No really, I look forward to the competition. Ole Miss is not where they are without having a lot of talent on their team. But I do plan on getting a spot (laugh)."

How did Fuller end up at Ole Miss?

"Ole Miss was my first official visit I took. I was suppose to go to Alabama next, but I canceled it when I got back. I just fell in love with it here. I always wanted to lay in the SEC. Alabama could have given me that opportunity too, but I wanted to be a part of this up and coming program."

Could Fuller take over for the now departed Alex Presley?

Stay tuned.

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