Darrius Young talks about camp experiences

Darrius Young (WR, Shannon, MS) - Mississippi's most sought after receiver took in the Ole Miss and Alabama senior camps this month.

How did his Ole Miss experience go?

"They were my first camp to ever go to. It was hot out there, but I liked it. I liked both of the camps. The Ole Miss camp was pretty good because I learned about my stance and how I am suppose to get off of the line. I can show my WR's what we need to do now. I learned a lot at the Ole Miss camp," stated Darrius Young.

And what about the Alabama camp?

"The same thing. It was nice too. It was a lot hotter than the one in Oxford, but I liked it."

Which camp had the most talent?

"It was pretty much equal. Actually, there were a lot of the same players at both camps. I saw a lot of the same receivers at DB's from the Ole Miss camp at the Alabama camp."

Was there anything new he learned about the two schools from the camps?

"I just did the camp. I did not tour the schools. I already saw just about everything there is to see during their Jr Days."

Darrius has had Ole Miss and Alabama at the top of his list for quite some time now. Did he feel more comfortbale around one staff over the other?

"I pretty much felt comfortable with both staffs. Ole Miss, I have been down there a lot more times, but it is pretty equal. The coaches are pretty much equal. I did not feel more comfortable around either school. I just came to the camps and took care of business."

Which camp did he perform the best?

"I think I did better at Ole Miss. No, I take that back. I did better at Alabama because Ole Miss helped me learn how to get out of my stance right and how to come off of the ball. I took that to the Alabama camp, and it helped me in the one on one drills."

Will Young take in anymore camps this summer?

"No, I am not planning on it. Tennessee really wanted me to come, but I had something else planned for that weekend. I am going to keep working out with he rest of the team and stay in shape. I am playing basketball right now, so that is keeping me in shape."

Any new offers?

"USM was my last offer. Still the same ones, Alabama, Ole Miss, Tennessee, MSU, USM, Memphis, just the same schools."

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