Isaiah Smith completes his summer tour

Isaiah Smith (LB, Columbia, TN) - One of Tennessee's top prospects took in an unofficial visit to Ole Miss earlier this month and then headed to Alabama, Tennessee, and Memphis for their football camps.

When we last spoke to Smith, he was offered by the Rebels during his unofficial visit and was told by the Alabama staff that he had a good chance to receive an offer from them at their camp.

Did he get that offer?

"No sir, they said they would call in a week or two, but I have not heard back from them, so I guess they are still evaluating me," stated Isaiah Smith.

How did his Alabama camp experience go?

"It was good. It was hot, but I got a lot out of it. I did a lot of drills I have never done before."

Where did Smith head after the Bama camp?

"Last Saturday I was at Tennessee for their senior camp."

Was he offered?

"I have had an offer from Tennessee for about two months now."

Was this Isaiah's first trip to Tennessee?

"This was actually my second trip. I got to see some more things than I had before. We sat in their stadium, and they told us it was one of the biggest stadiums in the world. We met in their defensive meeting room with Coach Chavis, their defensive coordinator. We went over certain coverages for the 7 on 7 games."

Where else has Smith visited this summer?

"I went to Memphis on Monday and camped for a couple of hours."

Was Isaiah offered?

"No sir, I think they are still evaluating my film. They said I should be getting an offer within a week or so, as soon as they get my film.."

Will there be anymore camps or visits this summer?

"I think I am done with all of the camps. I do not think I am going to visit anymore schools until I start my official visit in the fall."

Smith has stated that he wanted to check out the Broadcasting and Physical Therapy programs while he was touring the colleges this summer. Which school best fits his needs in this area?

"I think maybe Tennessee and Ole Miss. I believe Alabama has a great broadcasting school, and Ole Miss has a good medical field because of their medical center. That would make it easy on me if I wanted to major in Physical Therapy. They have a very good physical therapy program."

The second factor for Isaiah when making a decision is finding the college where he can make the quickest impact.

"I believe it would be a toss up between Ole Miss and Tennessee. Tennessee lost all four of their starting linebackers and Daniel Brooks was dismissed because he broke some team rules. But when Ole Miss graduates Patrick Willis; they will be hurting. They also told me they only signed two linebackers last year and one of them is not going to qualify. That does not leave them but one guy for the '06 class, so you know they are going to be recruiting real hard for the '07 class."

Which colleges are now at the top of Smith's list?

"Tennessee and Ole Miss are at the top, but I am still looking at Louisville, Auburn, Alabama, and Memphis. Those are the schools that have been recruiting me the hardest."

Isaiah had 20 receptions for 310 yards and 3 touchdowns as a junior at fullback, and on defense, Smith had 60 tackles, 10 tackles for loss and 5 sacks.

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