Drake Nevis hanging tight with Rebels

Drake Nevis (DT, Marrero, LA) - Drake became a hot commodity after earning Defensive MVP at the Nike camp that was held in Baton Rogue in April.

Offers starting coming in from the likes of Miami, Florida, Colorado, Nebraska, Clemson, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Auburn, Alabama, and Mississippi State, according to Drake.

Have anymore offers come his way since we last spoke?

"No, I have not been in touch with anybody else. I get text messages all of the time from Miami, Oklahoma, Florida, and Auburn, but I have not gotten any new offers," stated Drake Nevis.

What do these colleges say in their text messages?

"They just want to know how I am doing, and if I am still sold on Ole Miss."

What is Nevis' response?

"I tell them I am doing good, just staying in condition, and that I am still committed to Ole Miss."

When was the last time Drake spoke to someone from Ole Miss?

"I called Coach Frank (Wilson) on Monday. I am coming up on an unofficial visit in July. I should be bringing in one of my offensive linemen with me."

How is Nevis' conditioning going this summer?

"Great. I got my bench from a 405 in April to 420 now. I still squat about the same, 600 pounds. I am working out with 300 on each side right now."

What are his strength goals?

"I want to get my bench to 430, 385 hand clean, and about 650 on my squat."

Drake stated that he carries a 2.8 GPA / 19 ACT.

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