Recruiting profile with Elgin Bailey

Elgin Bailey (PF, Baton Rouge, LA) - Comparisons are already starting to grown between Elgin Bailey and "Big Baby" (Glenn Davis).

The comparisons are more than just their body and the city they hail from.

Elgin has Glenn's wide body (6' 8", 245), but he also has Davis' soft hands and moves around the basket like a guard. He can handle the rock, post you up, or simply overpower you in the post.

What would Bailey consider his strengths on the court?

"I have a good perimeter and post game. I have a good understanding of the game, and I am very cacheable," stated Elgin Bailey.

Elgin had to sit out half of his junior season due to the transfer rules in the state of Louisiana. Bailey transferred from Glenn Oaks to Belaire. Soon after arriving to Belaire, he had an unfortunate accident where he broke his wrist, which put his conditioning back a few months. But once he got on the court, he was a force, as he averaged 21 points and 15 rebounds a game.

Bailey might have missed some time on the court, but the college recruiters were not fazed one bit.

"I have scholarship offers from Ole Miss, Miami, USC, UNLV, LSU, Oklahoma, Alabama, Oklahoma State, and Arizona."

Which colleges are now at the top of Bailey's list?

"USC, UNLV, Ole Miss, Miami, Missouri is recruiting me and I am kind of looking at them, and Oklahoma State."

Which colleges are showing Elgin the most interest?

"I would have to say Miami, UNLV, Oklahoma, and USC."

What does Bailey like about the Running Rebels?

"I like that area, and my best friend, Troy Case, just signed with them."

What about Oklahoma?

"I just met their coach. He is a good coach, but I have never been to that area."

And USC?

"They have a great coach, and I like their facilities. I have a good friend who played for them, Ron Francis. He got shot and killed, or he would have been their starting point guard as a sophomore next year. He was home (Baton Rouge) for Mothers Day, and somebody shot him down. It's crazy around here. That is why I would not mind leaving."

Elgin had just left Ole Miss' Elite 11 camp when we spoke to him. He was not able to participate because he broke his ankle a few weeks back. What were his thoughts on Ole Miss during his stay?

"This was my first chance to really get to know their coach. He came and saw me play in Texas. Coach (Kennedy) just kind of waved, and we made eye contact, but he could not talk to me or anything because of the rules. But I had a chance to see what he is all about when I came to his (basketball) gym. He is real cool, real cool. I like the area too. It is real peaceful, quiet, and just a place where you can concentrate on your books and ball. I liked it up there."

Will Elgin get a chance to take in anymore camps this summer?

"I went to Florida's and Ole Miss', but that is going to be about it. When I get my screws (from my ankle taken) out, I will be back playing for the Louisiana Leadership. I also play ball out in California for the LA Hoops team."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I want to play for a good coach and be able to get along with the players. I just want to see where I am going to help my team the most."

Bailey carries a 3.0 GPA.

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