Chris Walker takes in two unofficial visits

Chris Walker (LB, Memphis, TN) - One of the more sought after linebacker prospects in the Deep South took in two unofficial visits last week.

"I went to Clemson and Tennessee. I think I am going on two more, to Miami and Michigan, before the season starts," stated Chris Walker.

How did Walker's Clemson visit go?

"It went really well. They have nice facilities. It is a nice place. The coaches are real nice. The visit, overall, went really well."

And what about Chris' visit to his home state college, the Tennessee Vols?

"It probably went the same. They have nice coaches and facilities. I got to talk to Coach Fulmer before he went to Alaska for his family vacation. That was huge."

What did Chris and Coach Fulmer discuss?

"He just told me that he is trying to keep the Tennessee kids instate. He said this was the best year for instate kids since he got to Tennessee, and if he could keep everybody together, it would be a great recruiting year for their program."

Chris has been a busy man this Spring and Summer as he has visited every college that has offered him a scholarship minus Miami and Michigan, which he plans to visit later on this summer.

"I have been to Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Clemson, Louisville, Memphis, Vandy, and LSU."

What was Walker looking for while he was on his visits?

"I guess the academic side is first. I could get hurt, and I would need a degree that meant something. After that I look at the people I will be around for the next four to five years. The people is the most important thing for me."

Out of all of the colleges Chris has visited, which people was he the most comfortable around?

"Mostly everybody I have visited had good people, but Memphis has some good people over there. It is kind of hard finding people as good as Memphis'."

Has Walker begun to narrow his list?

"I have tried, but I always find something I like about each school, so it makes it hard. In the next two weeks, I will cut it down to 10 schools. I will cut four schools out."

What will happen if one of the four colleges that is cut continues to recruit Chris?

"I will be like thanks but no thanks because I do not see myself playing there. They will need to find someone to fill my spot, and I would hate for them to waste their time on me. I know they have a job in front of them, and that is to collect the best players they can possible get. I do not want to hurt anybody's chances of doing their job."

This should be an interesting recruitment to watch as it looks like the home town school, the Memphis Tigers, could have an early lead.

Can someone overtake the Tigers?

Stay here at to find out.

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