Chris Donald has five on his mind

Chris Donald (LB, Huntingdon, TN) - One of the nations top linebackers has not attended any camps this summer.

"I went to visit Tennessee while they were holding their camp, but I just watched," stated Chris Donald.

Will Chris take anymore unofficial visits this summer?

"I will probably go to Ole Miss sometime in the next couple of weeks, and I will also probably visit Notre Dame sometime this month. But that is about it."

Which colleges are still under consideration?

"I am still considering Tennessee, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Clemson, and MSU."

When did MSU enter the picture?

"About two months ago. I like how their defense is coming up."

Chris had stated earlier that he was down to Notre Dame and Tennessee; what transpired to reopened his recruitment?

"Those are still my top two schools, but I got a couple of extras in there just in case. I am still taking a hard look at all of those schools."

What attracts Donald to Tennessee?

"Just their family atmosphere. It is my home school. They are a school I grew up watching. That probably has the most to do with it. I like Tennessee a lot."

And Notre Dame?

"I do not know too much about them. I know they have a great academic program and a lot of tradition. I will probably make a decision before two a days, I guess."

What about the Rebels?

"I am going to go down there this month and let my momma meet with their coaches. I like it a lot down there, but I want to see what she thinks."

What are Clemson's positives?

"Their fan support and their defense are the two main things. They run different sets of defenses. They will put me at end sometimes and middle linebacker on other formations. That is kind of cool. It lets me do more than just pass coverages."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factor?

"Just where ever I feel the most comfortable. That will be the main one. They all have great academic programs, so it will just come down to that comfort level."

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