David Williams takes in 6 visits this summer

David Williams (TE, Little Rock, AR) - In an unusual deep pool of talent for the Natural state, one of their top prospects resides in the state capital.

David defines versatile.

"On my team, I play receiver, tight end, fullback and running back. And on defense I play defensive end, tackle and sometimes linebacker,” said David Williams.

As a junior, Williams had 51 catches for 688 yards and 6 TD's.

"I am more of a receiver than a running back in our offense. I only got the ball in short-yardage situations and I didn’t have that many carries.”

On defense, Williams finished with 132 tackles, 82 solos, and seven sacks.

Most colleges project David for the tight end position but several are giving him a hard look at fullback.

Did David get a chance to showcase his talents this summer at the college camps?

"I went to a couple. I went to the Arkansas and Ole Miss camps. I have visited several schools though, unofficially."

And which colleges has David visited?

"I have been to Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, MSU, Ole Miss, and Georgia Tech."

What stood out the most during his Arkansas visit?

"Overall, it went really good. What stood out the most was how they treat their players. They did not just try to sell their school. Their coaches were just nice guys."

And how about Oklahoma State?

"That was my first visit. They had very nice facilities and they are continuing to add on to their facilities. Their coaches stood out the most to me. They get along with their players really good. As we were walking around, they knew just plain ole students and other players from different sports. You could just tell that they were well liked around campus."

What were Kansas State's positives?

"I did not really, well, I went to their Jr Day. But at Arkansas and Oklahoma State, my coach took me and I got that one on one time. Coach Horton is recruiting me for KSU, and he is a real nice guy."

How did his Ole Miss trip go?

"I went to their 1 Day camp. Their recruiting coach, Hugh Freeze, is also their tight end coach. That is what they are recruiting me for. He is a nice guy. It sounds like they have it going on, and they have real good people too."

What stood out with David's MSU visit?

"Coach Grimes is recruiting me, and he is a real nice man. I did not get to spend too much time there because I had two teammates of mine with me. They had to go see two more schools that they had offers from. I did get a chance to meet Coach Croom. I really liked him. I need to go back down there and check it out one more time."

Will David take in anymore visits this summer?

"I think I am done."

Which environment did Williams feel the most comfortable at while he was on his visits?

"The most impressive would be a close tie. Arkansas might have an edge, but I would say Arkansas and Oklahoma State. But as far as the people, I would say Arkansas and Kansas State. I have been talking to the recruiter from KSU, and he is a real nice guy."

The trend in the South this year are early commitments; could Williams follow pursuit?

"No, I am going to wait until after my season is over. I want to watch them play this year and see how I would fit in their offense."

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