Seth Adams

Seth Adams emerged from spring training as the number one (available) quarterback. The junior JUCO transfer from Holly Springs via Delta State and Hinds CC is working hard in the offseason to improve his skills in a new offense he got a taste of in spring. Read about it inside.

When Seth Adams reported to Ole Miss last January after transferring in from Hinds Community College, he was an unknown commodity to Rebel fans.

Even though he went to high school at Marshall Academy in Holly Springs just 25 minutes from Oxford, Adams flew under the radar during recruiting time and ended up signing with Delta State University in 2003.

After a redshirt year, and a year of being a backup who saw limited action, Seth opted to transfer to Hinds for the 2005 season where he threw for 1,500 yards while completing 102-202 pass attempts.

His dream was to play at Ole Miss. He saw an opening at the end of last fall when the Rebel squad - almost over night - became QB barren. Michael Spurlock graduated, Ethan Flatt opted to leave school early and Robert Lane was moved to FB/TE, leaving nobody on the squad with any experience at that position returning. Only Billy Tapp, a redshirt freshman, was returning at QB off the 2005 roster.

With new Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner coming aboard, Adams felt he would get a fair shake to make his mark in spring training and decided to walk on.

He did just that, edging out Tapp and transfer Conner Wise during spring to nab the top spot among QBs on campus. Werner felt Adams' edge was "catching on to the offense the quickest of the spring candidates."

Since then, Adams has kept his nose to the grindstone, so to speak.

"I had never been in a comprehensive weight program like this one and it's paid dividends since I've been here," said Adams recently. "I was about 210 pounds when I got here and now I'm about 225 and much stronger. I have improved all my lifts by 20-30 pounds and just feel like a stronger, better athlete."

On his 6-4 frame, the 225 pounds fits him well. He's bigger, but by no means "fat."

"I don't know if I am faster or not, but I feel more mobile and more confident in the pocket with the extra weight and strength," he explained. "And I feel more confident I can make all the throws I need to make. I'm throwing the ball very well right now."

Adams, like all the other QBs on campus, is working on fine-tuning his skills this summer.

"I need to be more precise with my throws. I need to put the ball in tighter spots rather than just throwing it in an area. I've seen improvement in that aspect of my game," he noted. "Also, I'm working on my footwork - some of the drops. I'm not used to the seven-step drop we use sometimes, so I'm working on that too."

Adams said the Rebel QBs and skill players get together and throw twice a week then they watch film together once a week.

"We watch all our cutups and work on our pass concepts to get them down. We're all just trying to roll with it," he stated. "When I evaluated my spring, I realized what I have to work on the most is decision-making. I need to anticipate better and throw to receivers coming out of their breaks instead of waiting until they have already cut. I need to make quicker, more concise decisions in terms of getting rid of the ball."

Overall, he feels he had a successful spring training, considering he was in the new system just 15 days.

"I can improve from top to bottom, but I did OK for just 15 days of practice with a brand new offense," Seth noted.

Adams is a fan of Werner's offense.

"It's designed to get the ball to our playmakers and it's fairly easy to learn once you get the basic concepts of the offense down. I've got it down in the film room, but it's a different thing when you take it out on the field. Mastering the offense will come from rep after rep after rep," he added. "The system is great. We have a lot of playmakers, we just have to get them the ball."

Right now, Adams, Tapp, Wise, freshman Cliff Davis and freshman Michael Herrick are on campus.

"I think all of us are throwing the ball well. Billy and Conner have had good summers. Cliff and I are the same age, but he's been out of football for three years. He throws a good ball, but he'll tell you he's rusty in football after being in pro baseball for a few years," Adams continued. "Michael is real young, I don't think he's 18 yet, but he also throws a good ball - very accurate.

"I think the competition in camp is going to be good."

Adams and the Rebel wide receivers are in the same boat - no experience in games, but he's not real concerned about that.

"We have a lot of really good athletes out wide - Burnell Wallace, Michael Hicks, Mico McSwain, Marshay Green, Carlos Suggs and some more, and then there are newcomers like Kendrick Lewis, who looks really good, Dexter McCluster, Allen Walker, Shay Hodge, and the rest, they are raw, but have a lot of athletic ability and I'm sure some will get some playing time," he stated. "Their potential is very good - they are all quality athletes who just have to learn what to do on this level," he added. "Sure, every QB out there would love to have a couple of returning starters out wide to work with, but we all have faith they are going to get the job done so we don't dwell on that."

Seth said he's looking forward to August practice and any challenge that may bring.

"All the QBs know Brent (Schaeffer) is coming in, but we can't let that slow down our progress. We are all going to compete and see how everything shakes out," he closed. "I will be ready to show what I can do and let the cards fall where they may."

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