Johnathan Taylor hearing from three

Johnathan Taylor (QB, Cleveland, MS) - The Delta's '05 Player of the Year has decided to stay at home this summer and not showcase his skills at the college camps and combines. Read about it inside.

"I have been to team voluntary practices, conditioning, and 7 on 7's. I was planning on going to some camps, but we got a new coach this summer, and I wanted to get familiar with the play book, so I have been spending time with the new head coach."

Last season Taylor passed and rushed for over a 1,000 yards, but some college recruiters project Taylor to play another position on the next level.

"I have heard a few tell me that I could end up at tight end or defensive end," stated the 6' 5", 235 pounder. "But I really want to play quarterback. That is the only thing I have ever played."

Which colleges are keeping in contact with Taylor?

"I just get letters. LSU is still sending me letters. Ole Miss and MSU. There are a whole bunch of teams. But those three schools are the most consistent."

Which colleges are at the top of Taylor's list?

"LSU. I got my eye on Ole Miss too, and I was thinking about Kentucky."

What stands out about LSU?

"I took a visit there in the Spring. I like the way the campus is set up. The football players seemed real cool, and my old head coach use to play for LSU. He knows the head coach down there, and they run the same things we do. I am familiar with them."

And Ole Miss?

"I got my eye on them, but there is not a good chance for me to sign with them, but I still have my eye on them."

Why is there not a good chance Johnathan will sign with Ole Miss?

"Mainly because the way they played on TV. I do not like the way they run their plays. But they have a new coach, and he came down and talked to me. He is a real cool guy, but I still do not think I want to play for Ole Miss."

What are Kentucky's positives?

"I have not put in a lot of thought about Kentucky. They just wrote me a letter, and I know they have a real good football program. I was excited they were writing me, and I want to take a visit up there."

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