Sowell is ready to prove he is the best

Bradley Sowell - (OL, Hernando, MS) - One of Mississippi's top linemen committed to Ole Miss early in the recruiting process. The longtime Ole Miss fan is already preparing for his dream college career. Read about it inside.

"I have always grown up an Ole Miss fan. Heck, I have been going to their games since I could walk and talk. I have always dreamed of running out of that tunnel wearing the Red and Blue. It was a no brainer for me. When Coach Orgeron told me I had an offer, I did not think twice to accept it," added Bradley Sowell.

But we always have to remember that football players are human beings, and being courted by other schools is intriguing to say the least.

Bradley Sowell
Tennessee Camp
"Auburn and Florida have really been recruiting hard the whole time. Auburn was actually the first school to start recruiting me. They had asked me to come to their camps, and they still text message me and call Coach Jenkins a lot. And then Tennessee started calling my coach. One of my good friends has some Tennessee connections. They got it set up for me to go up there with him for a camp of theirs. They were talking real good at the camp. They said I was the best one there. It did get me to thinking about them a little bit. I mean, they have so much great tradition and facilities. Their stadium is huge. They have great fan support. I got back from their camp really giving Tennessee some thought, but after a few days to think about it, I am more sold on Ole Miss than ever. Every day that I wake up, I go to the Ole Miss site to see who they have committed, who they are looking at. I call their coaches to ask if I can help out with anything. I got a few up here that are ready to commit, but Ole Miss is holding back on them. I just want us to get the best class in the country so we can win some championships when I get there."

Now that Sowell is "back in the saddle" with Ole Miss; what will he spend his time doing this summer?

Bradley Sowell
can throw it in upper 80's
"I am just working out, hard. I am lifting around 330 right now, which is not nearly what I need to be at when I report. I need to get that up to 430 by report day. I know that. I am working on my conditioning a lot too. I run a lot, play basketball a lot. I am also playing baseball. This is funny, but did you know that I never played football until 9th grade. Coach Jenkins saw me in the line for registration, and I was already bigger than any linemen he had. He told me to get by butt to practice. I showed up a week before the first game and started from day one. I always thought I was going to play basketball or baseball. I am a pretty good pitcher. I can throw it in the upper 80's. I have a good curveball too. But I know where my future lies (laugh) and that is not on the mound. I am so much better now than I was last year. I got a kick out of getting 3 stars by Rivals. I was like, if they have me a 3 star now, then I am going to be a 5 star by the end of my senior year. I mean, I was sorry last year. I was not near the player I am now. It is like night and day in my game today compared to last year. I am a lot stronger, have better footwork, and I just understand the game a lot better. I am a lot more confident now. I always loved the physical aspect of the game, but I was just so raw. I was just running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I look at film from my past years and just laugh. It really is not that funny, but I have to laugh from not crying. I can not wait for everyone to see me this year. They are going to be shocked. I do not mean to offend anyone else, but I watched film of all of these OL from Mississippi, and lets just say that I can more than hold me own against them. I do not say that to be cocky. I will let everyone else determine who is the best when the season plays out."

Bradley carries a 3.2 GPA / 18 ACT.

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