Kodi Burns talks about Ole Miss visit

Kodi Burns (QB, Fort Smith, AR) - Scout.com's #10 nationally ranked quarterback took in an unofficial visit to Ole Miss this afternoon.How did it go?

"It was alright. Their defensive back coach was the only coach who was there and it is a small town. It was alright."

Did the Ole Miss staff inform Burns that they were not going to be in town before he took in his visit?

"They told me they were not going to be there. The campus was real nice, but it is a small town. I thought it would be bigger. But it was nice, but some of the other towns were more to my liking."

What stood out the most to Kodi about Ole Miss?

"I liked their facilities. They were some of the best I have seen. I also liked their campus. It is real convenient, all right there together."

What was the most disappointing aspect of Burns' visit?

"Like I said, it is a small community, and I did not get a chance to talk to the coaches, but I can not hold that against them. They were on vacation with their families. I am going to try and come back and see what it is really like there (at Ole Miss)."

Where has Burns visited so far?

"I have been to Texas A&M, KSU, and I am going to Auburn tomorrow. I am also going to Arkansas on Thursday."

Kodi has been adamant that he wants to be the school's number one target at quarterback; which colleges does he feel have him at the top?

"Arkansas, Kansas State, and Auburn. Yea, those three."

What will Burns be doing at Auburn tomorrow?

"I am just going to talk to their coaches and look around their campus."

What does Burns look for while he is touring the different universities?

"Their area, but first and foremost, their Sports Medicine program. I am also looking at the coaches and players relationship."

What did he learn about Ole Miss' Sports Medicine program?

"I think they have a quality program. They told me that they understood I might be late for practices because it is such a demanding program. That was nice."

And what about the coaches and players relationships at Ole Miss?

"I do not know. I only talked to one coach, and all of their players where in study hall, so I did not get a chance to talk to them."

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