Chris Walker has three in the lead

Chris Walker (LB, Memphis, TN) - One of the South's top linebackers took in an unofficial visit to Alabama yesterday.

"Me and my mother went over to Tuscaloosa for the afternoon," stated Chris Walker. "It went really well. I got a better look at it than I did when I went to their A Day."

What new did Chris learn about the Tide?

"I got to look more at their campus and their academic center. They also have a lot of new construction going on around their campus. I just got a better in-depth look than before. That was basically it."

What impressed Walker the most about his Alabama trip?

"I was impressed with their campus. They have a beautiful campus. They are building a new dorm room for their athletes and engineering students. It is going to be 51% engineering students and 49% athletes. They are also building a new dinning room, and it is going to connect to their dorm room and academic center. Everything is going to be together."

Chris has now visited Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss, MSU, Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky, Clemson, Louisville, Memphis, Vandy, and LSU.

Where will Walker visit next?

"I am going to try and get to Miami and Michigan before school starts because I am really interested in them, but I have to work it out with my mother."

Although Chris has been offered by all of the programs he has visited, plus Miami and Michigan, there seems to four colleges who are showing him the most interest.

"Right now Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, and Clemson are showing me the most interest. Those are the four that are really after me hard. The rest of my offers are recruiting me hard too, but those four seem to be showing me the most interest. Of course, you know Memphis is trying to keep me in town, so they are doing everything they can to keep me in town."

Would it be safe to assume that the four schools Chris listed are recruiting him harder than Memphis?

"I think Memphis is probably on the same plane as all of them."

What will be the most important factors when it comes decision time?

"The academic center; as I always say, you are only one play away from never playing football again. Academics will always be the most important thing for me. Other than that, it is the people. You do no not want to go somewhere where you are not going to be happy. You want to want to play for that team, coaches, players, and fans."

Which colleges have stood out, academically?

"All of the colleges have had a great academic center, but the ones who have stood out are Alabama, LSU, and Tennessee. At LSU, they can record your lectures when you have to miss class because of football. That way, you can listen to the lectures on your laptop so you never miss a beat."

Which "people" has Chris felt the most comfortable around?

"Probably my top 3 right now are LSU, Alabama, and Tennessee because how well I fit in with their coaches. I just felt real comfortable with my surroundings at those three schools. That is why they are ahead of everybody else."

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