Johnny Brown staying solid with Ole Miss

Johnny Brown (RB, Charleston, MS) - The 5' 11", 190 pounder almost single handily carried his team to the state championship game last season. For the year, Brown rushed for for 1, 788 yards and scored 24 TD's. Johnny was named the Region 4(3A) Player of the Year for his on the field accomplishments.

This summer Brown has been busy getting himself ready for his senior campaign.

"I have been just mostly working out this summer. I have been squatting, benching, and doing a little machine work to work on my individual muscles. I have been doing a lot of running and pulling tires too," added Johnny Brown.

What is Johnny maxing out at these days?

"Some where around 500 (squat) and about 300 (bench)."

Has Johnny had a chance to take in any football camps this summer?

"I went to Ole Miss' Sr camp but that has been about it."

What did Brown learn at the OM Camp?

"Well, I just worked with the DB's. We just worked on breaking on the ball and stuff like that."

Did Johnny enjoy being with the DB's?

"It was all right. I did not work out with the RB's. I like playing RB better, but I will do what ever they want me to do."

What is Ole Miss recruiting Brown to play?

"They are recruiting me as a running back."

Has Johnny played in any DB in high school?

"Yea, I have started both ways for all three years."

Has Ole Miss talked to Brown about playing on both sides of the ball?

"No, not really, just running back and special teams. They want me to return kickoffs and punts, but not both ways."

Johnny committed to Ole Miss very early in the recruiting process; has he given any second thoughts about taking a look at some other schools?

"No, I am real comfortable with my decision. My brother is a police officer for Ole Miss, and he has been there for four years. He loves Oxford, and he tells me there is not any trouble around there. It is a real clean cut town. I can just concentrate on my books and football and not worry about all that stuff that goes on. I am also real comfortable with their staff. I love Coaches Hughes and Orgeron. They are my type of people. At Ole Miss, they have a real competitive level. They are always competing at Ole Miss. I love their work ethic. Basically, they have everything I am looking for at Ole Miss."

Brown was named to the Clarion Ledger's Dandy Dozen team.

"It is a great honor. We go down there for pictures on Wednesday. I am the first player from Charleston to be named to the team. Corderick Govan did not even make it. It is a great accomplishment for me to be the first selected from around here. I will take a lot of pride in it, and hopefully I can finish my career here with a state championship ring and represent my community with a lot of class. These people from around here deserve nothing less. There are so many good people from around here. I just do not want to let anyone down."

Any new scholarships offers?

"USM was my latest one."

Johnny recently scored an 18 on the ACT and carries a 2.9 Core GPA.


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