Rishaw Johnson adds three offers; stays solid

Rishaw Johnson (OL, Hammond, LA) - Rishaw had a chance to take in the LSU football camp this afternoon.

"It went pretty good. I am leaving tomorrow morning. It ends on Wednesday, but I am leaving tomorrow," added Rishaw Johnson.

What did he do at the camp today?

"We did the normal first day stuff. We ran the 40, got measured, weighed, and stuff like that. I ran a 5.2 flat forty, and I came in at 6' 3 1/2", 325."

Johnson stated last month that LSU had given him a verbal offer, but they were waiting on his transcript to make it formal. Did the Bengals receive Johnson's transcript?

"Yes sir, they got it in like a week or so ago. They gave me a written scholarship like five days ago. After today's one on ones, they said I was even better than they thought."

Rishaw had been looking forward to the LSU camp. One of the main reasons was this was the last time he was going to get to play with his old teammates from St. Augustine.

"Well, David Rue went to Monroe (LA) and me and Chad Jones went to Southern Lab (LA). I left Southern Lab and transferred to Hammond. Chad stayed at Southern Lab, but we are all in different towns and schools now. We miss playing together. David was suppose to come to the camp, but he could not make it. He just got a new job, so he could not make it down. But it was fun playing with Chad again."

Rishaw also had a chance to take in the FSU camp.

"I got my official offer from FSU too. They said they were real impressed with me. I got my written offer in the mail on Monday. I got an offer from MSU too. They wanted me to come to their camp, but it was held on the same day as the LSU camp, so I came to this one instead."

Johnson committed to Ole Miss last month, but with these three new offers, does this alter his plans?

"No sir. I am more sure of my decision than ever now. Being at LSU just made me realize how much I love Ole Miss. I just can not wait to get back up there (to Ole Miss). I mean, I liked it at FSU and LSU. But at Ole Miss, I just had that feeling. I can not explain it. I felt like I was right at home. Their staff also makes me feel at home. They are my type of people. I also like their facilities. They are all new. I do not know, I just like everything about Ole Miss."

Rishaw's old teammate, David Rue, also committed to the Rebels recently. Could Chad Jones make it a trifecta?

"I do not know. I have been working on him (laugh). I know that Ole Miss is in his Top 3 now, so you never know, we could all end up back together. But I still think he ends up getting those millions from baseball (laugh)."

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