Baseball or football for Chad Jones?

Chad Jones (S, Baton Rouge, LA) - The top two sports (football and baseball) athlete in the country has been busy this summer sharpening his baseball skills.

"I play for the Louisiana All-Stars. We travel all around. We went to Troy State and Alabama. We had a big one in Atlanta. They are in Florida right now, but I took a break until my ankle heals up, so I can be 100% for the showcase in North Carolina for the East Coast games. I went to Joplin (MO) for the Jr Olympic tryouts. I made it as a 1st Alternate. They said I will be the next person to go if anybody gets hurt or can not make the games. I also played in the Bayou Bowl which had the top players in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Ohio in it," stated Chad Jones.

Which sport is Chad Jones' true love, football or baseball?

"Baseball is my love by far. It is not even close."

Chad had to transfer from St. Augustine (New Orleans) to Southern Lab (Baton Rouge) after hurricane Katrina hit. The transition was smooth in both sports, as Chad batted .537 with 9 HR's. On the gridiron, Jones had 102 tackles (81 solos), 4 interceptions (brought back 2 for TD's), and 12 pass breakups.

Which sport does Jones thinks his talents are best suited for?

"Again, I would have to go with baseball. That is just where my heart is. I can't lie."

Which position is Chad projected to play in baseball?

"In college, they want me anywhere in the outfield, and they want me to close. But in the pros, they want me at corner outfield. But last week, I pitched the whole game in the Joplin games and only gave up one hit. A lot of pro scouts were in attendance, and I think my stock went up as a pitcher."

The question fans and scouts most want to know is will Chad go in the major league baseball draft?

"Yea, I am definitely going to get drafted, but I am going to see what they offer me if I am going to go to college or not."

What kind of money is Jones looking for?

"I am looking for first round money. That is what I am looking for."

And where is Chad projected to go in the draft?

"They tell me from early second round to middle of the first round."

It is obvious that Jones has baseball in his heart, but until he gets that first round money, football will still be in the picture.

"I am actually at the LSU (football) camp right now. It ends tomorrow (Wednesday)."

What did Jones test during the camp?

"They had me at 6' 2 1/2", 226, and I ran a 4.46 forty."

If Chad does go the college route; is playing both sports important?

"Yea, that is real important. That is a must. I have to be able to play baseball."

Which colleges is Jones taking into consideration?

"LSU, Clemson, Ole Miss, Miami, Florida, and Florida State."

LSU signed Chad Jones' brother last year, Al Jones.

"I know just about all of the players at LSU because of my brother. And it would be nice to play with Al."

Does this give LSU the edge?

"I would not say that. They are definitely one of my top teams, but I do not have a leader yet."

Has Chad had a chance to talk to the LSU baseball staff?

"They have some new coaches, but I plan on meeting them on an unofficial visit soon. I also like playing on their field."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"I like the Ole Miss football coaches. I got to know them real good last year when they were recruiting my brother. Coaches Orgeron and Frank (Wilson), I love them two. Ole Miss has actually moved into my top 3 recently. I am starting to like Ole Miss more and more. Two of my best friends are also going there too, Rishaw (Johnson) and David (Rue). We played together at St. Augustine, and it would be alot of fun playing with them again."

Has Jones been contacted by the Ole Miss baseball staff?

"I get a lot of letters, and they invited me to a whole bunch of camps, but I have not talked to them yet."

Who rounds out Jones' Top 3 schools of interest?

"LSU and Miami."

What are Miami's positives?

"I took a trip in the Fall with my brother when he took his official visit. I just liked the college, the city, and I like how they play defense."

Has the Miami baseball staff been in contact with Chad?

"Yes, I have spoken to them a couple of times."

Which colleges has Jones had a chance to tour?

"I have been to Miami, Ole Miss, LSU, and Auburn."

Will Chad take anymore unofficial visits this summer?

"No sir, I will be busy with baseball."

Make no bones about it, Jones could play either sport at just about any college in America?

"I have 41 scholarship offers. All of the SEC and ACC schools have offered. Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Hawaii, Memphis, UCLA, TCU in both sports, Washington State, Colorado, Colorado State, Army, Navy, and there are some more."

What will Chad do? Go in the major league draft? Play both sports in college? And with who?

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