Satterwhite hopes to build on first season

Yesterday on here we took a look at what Lance Lynn was doing this summer. Today, Cody Satterwhite. Those were two of the most anticipated incoming freshmen pitchers in years at Ole Miss when they arrived last August. They both had outstanding first seasons in college.

Cody Satterwhite went from the Ole Miss baseball season in mid-June right into trying out for Team USA in late June. It had been a long year, starting with his August, 2006, arrival in Oxford.

Even with the Rebels not making a trip to the College World Series, the right-handed sophomore-to-be wanted it all to last a while longer. But he wasn't selected, as Rebel teammate Zack Cozart was, to represent his country.

But Cozart, playing some at third base and some at shortstop for the national team this summer, didn't make it in his first try last summer. So Cody draws some hope from that and says he took away a lot of positives from his time at the trials.

"It was a good experience," said the Hillcrest alum who tied the UM record for most wins in a single season with 11, which was also a new freshman solo mark in that category. "There were some great players there. Great coaches, too. I got some exposure and some experience, so maybe next year."

The 6-foot-4, 199-pounder didn't get called up to the trials early. Cozart had known since mid-May he was going, but Satterwhite didn't hear until the trials had already started in late June.

"I was surprised when I heard," said Cody, named a freshman All-American by Collegiate Baseball after his stellar first season in college. "Some spots opened up for pitchers because some who were invited decided not to go, and others wanted to rest after long seasons. I was excited I got the chance. I flew up to New England where the team was already playing some games as the trials were going on. I traveled to like three different places that first week for games in New Hampshire and Connecticut. It was kind of a crazy start. There's a lot of travel."

When selection time came a week or so later at the team's home base in North Carolina, Satterwhite didn't make the cut.

"They took a lot of older guys. The younger guys were mostly left out. I guess they knew we'd have another chance. At least I hope so."

In one intrasquad game at the trials, Satterwhite faced Cozart.

"He hit a home run off me in that game," Satterwhite said. "It was the only run I gave up. I guess he's one up on me."

Make that in appearances on the USA national team, too. But that's no longer Cody's priority as of right now. That challenge can wait until next summer. Getting ready for his second season as a Rebel is.

"I've been working out and conditioning," said Satterwhite, who ended the year with an 11-2 record and a 5.00 ERA with 23 appearances including seven starts and two saves. "I feel a lot stronger right now than I did this time last year. My changeup worked well at the USA trials. I'm more confident with it now. Hopefully I will have four pitches I can use next spring to mix the hitters up. I've been working toward having that."

Cody, finishing up a summer school class this week at Ole Miss, says he learned a lot in year one of college baseball.

"I know you can't just overpower hitters with a fastball at this level," he said. "You've got to work it in and out. I have more of a pitcher's mentality now, and that just comes from some experience at this level."

He also learned that one day you might start and the next thing you know you're a reliever.

"I had kind of a crazy year," he said. "I started early and then struggled some. Then I got into that setup role and we won some games all kinds of different ways.

"I'm satisfied with how things went. I just wanted to be able to help the team out and win games. It's the same thing I want to do next year, whatever my role is. We just want to win."

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