Tyler Wells talks about his commitment to OM

Tyler Wells (Utility, Vicksburg, MS) - The Rebels started a pipeline from the Red Clay Hills when they signed Brian Pettway. Little did they know that Pettway would become one of the all time greats at Ole Miss.

Next came Justin Henry.

Justin came in and became one of the more dangerous hitters in the SEC as only a freshman. Now Justin's little brother, Jordan, is ready to come in and make his on mark with the Ole Miss program in the Fall. Some insiders say Jordan is bigger, has more power, and more speed than his big brother. If Jordan is anywhere in the same ball park, the Rebels have found another gem.

Now comes Tyler Wells, Jordan's teammate.

Tyler packs a lot of punch for someone his stature (5' 8", 180) as he led the Gators in home runs and RBI's last season.

It comes as no surprise that the former Vicksburg and Warren Central standouts had a big influence on Tyler's decision.

"I have been a big fan of Ole Miss' since Brian (Pettway) signed with them. I have been watching their program very closely since then," added Tyler Wells. "And when Jordan signed with them, I was just hoping I would get an offer. When I got that offer, there were no second thoughts for me. I took it as soon as it came out of Coach Bianco's mouth. They have had such a great program the last 6 or 7 years. I really enjoy coaches Bianco and Bunn. I also talked to Coach McDonnell a lot when he was there. He was a neat guy. I feel like they have everything I am looking for."

What does Tyler do well at the plate?

"I hit for power a lot. I do not hit a lot of home runs, but I hit a lot of doubles and triples. I beat out a lot of bunts and infield hits. I guess you can say I am a pretty good hitter."

And what does Wells want to work on for the next level?

"Right now, I am just working out with my core and lower body. I am working on hitting the opposite way and hitting line drives. I am trying to keep it down so I can hit more line drives."

Tyler batted .417 with 4 HR's and led his team in RBI's with 29 last year. He also has a good eye at the plate, as evidence by his team leading 19 walks. But his voice raised the most with this stat.

"I only committed 5 errors and I played 5 different positions."

Wells is being recruited as a utility player by Ole Miss, but there is still some unfinished business he has to take care of before he gets to the college level.

"Last year was only the second time Vicksburg has ever made it to the second round of the playoffs. We want to go even further this year."

And then his voice raised one more time.

"And we beat Warren Central four out of six times last year. We have never done that before. Maybe we can go for the sweep this year."

Watch out Vikings, the Gators are coming to a house near you!

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