Why so few offers for Antwon Dixon?

Antwon Dixon (S, Terry, MS) - The good word finally came in recently.

"My brother (Anthony Dixon) said if I put up enough stats, do not be surprised if I made Dandy Dozen. I really did not listen to him too much, but then I got that call. My heart dropped when my mother told me it was the Clarion Ledger. They told me I made the team, and I really did not know what to say. It is the greatest accomplishment in my life so far. To be the second player from Terry to make the team, and for both players to be from our family; it is just very special for us. Hopefully Rashun (Dixon) can make it too."

The Dandy Dozen team took their group photos in Jackson last weekend. Did Antwon see some familiar faces?

"I mean, I have heard of everybody there, but I did not know anyone personally but Chris Strong. We hung out at the Ole Miss game last year, but I did not know many others."

Will Antwon keep up where each Dandy Dozen selection commits?

"I looked in the paper and saw where Ole Miss had four of them and MSU had two, and the Madison Central dude committed to Auburn. I would love to be around that kind of talent. Yea, I keep up, because I want to sign with a great class. I want to win championships in college. That is real important to me."

When does school start back for Antwon?

"On August 8th. Two a days start on Monday."

What does Dixon want to accomplish before the season starts during two a days?

"I want to get better with the ball in my hands. With Anthony gone, I have to be more aggressive. I also want to become more of a vocal leader. Before, I just kind of led by example, but now I have to speak up like Anthony did last year."

Has Antwon set any personal goals for his senior campaign?

"I want to make the playoffs and hopefully do everything Anthony did, but I want to win Mr. Football."

There is no doubt that Antwon is one of the more talented players in the Magnolia state this year, which begs the question, why so few offers?

"I have had some grade problems, and they are waiting to see how my grades turn out. I think that is the main reason why I only have two offers (from MSU and Ole Miss)."

Has Dixon had a chance to take any classes this summer?

"No sir, but I am going to take 6 classes this year, and I need at least a 20 on the ACT test."

The two instate SEC colleges (MSU and OM) have made it known that Antwon has a spot on their team no matter what.

"They told me a long time ago they would sign me regardless of my grades."

Will this loyalty pay dividends in the end?

"It might play a big role because the other schools might offer me when I get my grades in, but Ole Miss and MSU already had faith in me. That might play a big part in my decision. I do not know. I just have to wait and see how this all plays out."

Which colleges is Antwon keeping an eye on?

"Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, Miami, Florida. Really, all of the SEC schools. I am a big fan of the SEC."

Does Dixon have a leader yet?

"No sir. I do not know. I am still wide open."

Would Antwon like to make a decision before his season starts or does he want to take his official visits first?

"I will take all five of my visits. I have said that since day one. I am in no hurry. If you get in a hurry, you might make the wrong decision, so I just want to get everybody a fair chance and see what they have on my visits."

Dixon claims a 2.1 GPA and will retake the ACT test on Saturday.

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