Carlos Suggs

After a freak accident earlier this summer, junior Ole Miss Wide Receiver Carlos Suggs is hopeful of a return to action before the first game of the 2006 season. Suggs broke his collarbone in a non-contact, volunteer workout and has been rehabbing diligently since. Read about it inside.

The last time we spoke to junior Ole Miss Wide Receiver Carlos Suggs, a week or so after a freak accident in a volunteer workout left him with a severely broken collarbone that required tedious surgery, he was upbeat about his return to football action by the time the first practice rolled around.

That day is next Saturday and his prognosis is not as optimistic, but Carlos still believes he will be ready to play in the first game of the 2006 season.

"This is the sixth week since surgery. The doctors told me six to eight weeks," said Suggs. "It's now looking more like eight than six."

Suggs called his situation "iffy" in regard to an early return from the injury.

"I'm supposed to see my doctor this week, but from everything I've been told about an operation that involves a plate and screws, which mine did, the time frame may stretch out a little," he continued. "I have a good range of motion and all that due to rehabbing a lot, but the concern is the contact part of football.

"My goal is to be ready by the first day of two-a-days, but I'm not sure if I am going to make that or not. I've been running with the team and staying in shape, but the concern, as I said, is in the hitting because the collarbone and shoulder area is what you lead with in collisions."

Suggs says the earlier the better on his return.

"I can't compete if I am not out there. Coach (Ed) Orgeron always talks about competition. You are not competing if you are on the sidelines spinning a ball and watching," he added. "I don't want to get back out there until I am ready, and (Head Trainer) Tim (Mullins) will not let me go until I am, but I don't want to sit when I could be playing."

Suggs was feeling so good a couple of weeks ago that he attended a 7-on-7 volunteer practice. When Mullins found out about it, Suggs said, he put a halt to that experiment.

"I told Tim I went through 7-on-7 and he wasn't happy about it. He told me not to pull that stunt again without clearing it with him," Suggs said. "I have been sitting those practices out since."

Suggs has mixed feelings about the upcoming season. From a team perspective, he's excited. From his perspective, he's anxiously awaiting his return to action.

"I'm pumped up about the team. We're all on the same page and have been working really hard to be ready," he noted. "I'm just anxious about my situation.

"I feel I have a real opportunity to help our offense a lot and don't want that chance to slip away while I'm waiting to heal."

From what he has seen, the wide receiver slots are full of players with very good athletic ability and he thinks they will be ready to discard the "no experience" tag quickly.

"I think Burnell (Wallace), Michael Hicks, Keith Houston and I are ready to show we can get the job done, and the younger guys are very talented and can get ready quickly because of the summer work they did during the offseason. When practices opens up next week, they will still be raw and have a lot to learn, but they aren't starting from ground zero," he explained. "The older guys have been working with them on routes and plays and assignments and technique, so they know what to expect.

"We have some real talented kids out there. Which ones will surface to help us this year, it's up to them, but I know the talent is there for them to do it. Two or three of them, I'm sure, will step up their level of play and compete on this level quickly. There's a lot for them to learn, but from what I have seen to this point, they are willing and able and they catch on quickly."

Meanwhile, Carlos anxiously awaits his medical clearance.

"The sooner the better," he closed.

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