Seigal talks about Brent Schaeffer

In a conversation today with college of Sequoias coach, Andy Seigal, he stated Rebel signee Brent Schaeffer has passed his course work.

"Brent is either at Ole Miss right now, or on his way. I released it to the papers today that he has passed his classes." commented the offensive coordinator for College of Sequoias, Andy Seigal. "I have not seen him today, but I did see one of his good friends, and he told me that Brent has already left. I assume he flew straight out to Ole Miss, but he could have gone home for a few days. I know he told me that he was going to send me a picture of him with his Rebel uniform on Thursday. I believe that is when they officially have to report down there."

According to the school website, classes do not end at the College of Sequoias until Wednesday.

"I also teach over here, so I can clarify that. A lot of the classes over here ended on Friday. I actually taught Brent in two classes this summer session. I taught him in a three hour class and a one hour class. Brent made A's in each class. He had a B in one of my classes and pulled it up to an A after his finals. He was also taking another three hour class by a different teacher, and he did fine in it. I can tell you this, Coach Hughes has called me every single day since Brent arrived back out here at the end of June to check up on how he is doing, and he has not called me since Friday. I would be very surprised if he were not already at Ole Miss right now, but I have not spoken to Brent since Saturday to know if he went home for a few days or not. I just know on Friday he said he was flying out on either Sunday or Monday. This is no disrespect to anybody else, but I have a team to assemble myself. Brent has completed his academic work here, and now he is in the hands of the Ole Miss people. He is going to make the Ole Miss family mighty proud, I do know that. You will not find a more classy individual than Brent Schaeffer. I wish I had a team full of Brent's every year."

The team reports Thursday, and according to Brent's coach, Schaeffer should report with the team on time.

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