Coach O talks to the QB Club

Several hundred Ole Miss fans met at the Oxford Convention Center for the Ole Miss QB Club Annual Kickoff Meeting tonight.All the football coaches, AD Pete Boone, Chancellor Robert Khayat, Associate AD Derek Horne and Alumni Association Executive Director Warner Alford were in attendance.

Quotes from Coach Ed Orgeron:

"We could start as many as 14 new guys this year as the year progresses. We will be young, but I think we will be talented."

"At running back, BenJarvus Green-Ellis is over 220 pounds now and he had a great spring, but he has to performn on Saturdays. We also have Mico McSwain, who could play a little WR too, and Cordera Eason. I think running back should be a good, strong position for us."

"On the offensive line, we have work to do. We are set at the tackle slots with Michael Oher and Darryl Harris. Thomas Eckers looks solid at center and Andrew Wicker had a good spring at left guard. We need to find a right guard. Could be James McCoy or Maurice Miller or someone else. We'll see."

"At tight end, we are excited to have Robert Lane and Lawrence Lilly anchoring that position. Coach (Dan) Werner likes to throw to the tight end and we think we have three who can go get the ball and do something with it in their hands."

"At quarterback, we have a great one who will be here - and he will be here soon." (cheering and applause)

"We are very young at wide receiver, but we have talent such as the newcomers Marshay Green, Dexter McCluster, Kendrick Lewis, Shay Hodge, Markeith Summers to go along with Burnell Wallace, Michael Hicks and a couple of others who were here last year."

"On defense, everything starts with Patrick Willis. Getting to coach him another year is very exciting. He makes everyone around him better. We have Garry Pack to go with him and we are hoping to have Rory Johnson here soon - we have a couple of more days before we'll know for sure. We also have guys like Johnathan Cornell, a linebacker who can run in the 4.5, 4.6s in the 40 - a guy with true SEC speed."

"The DL will be anchored by Peria Jerry, who will be a very good SEC defensive lineman. Couple him with guys like Marcus Tillman, Chris Bowers, Kentrell Lockett, Hayward Howard and several others and we will be solid there."

"The secondary personnel will be seasoned and should be better than a year ago. We are adding Cassius Vaughn, a 4.4 kid, Allen Walker and Jamal Harvey to that mix which will only strengthen it. To go with Jamarca Sanford, Trumaine McBride, Charles Clark, B. Brown and Nate Banks, we should be fine there. I think Walker and Harvey could be the best two young safety duos in the country."

"In recruiting, we already have 17 commitments. We will go toe-to-toe with anyone in the country - I promise you that. We have the best facilities in the country - all we have to do is get them on campus. They also seem to have a good time on Friday nights because they are all smiling on Saturday morning (laughs) on their official visits."

"I want to stress to you how important the Walk of Champions in the Grove is. It means a lot to us in terms of pumping the team up. But please, when that is over, get in the stadium. That means a lot to us too."

OL Coach Art Kehoe:

"We have a very passionate head coach in Ed Orgeron. I don't think everyone realizes what we've got going here, but you are fixing to find out! Everyone says 'we need to be patient.' Well, you don't work for Ed Orgeron. Our players have done a great job this offseason. Why wait to start winning games? Why wait to win the Sugar Bowl? We are anxious to get started and to start winning."

Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner:

"I hope to see a lot more offensive highlights on the highlight film we just watched next year. (applause) When I talked to Coach O about this job, we talked for eight hours straight. I found out we were exactly on the same page with everything we want to do on offense. I knew it was a match. That's rare in this business. What I want to do is establish an offensive mentality that if we need a yard for a first down, we can come to the line, point to the hole we are going to run in and still get the yard. But we realize the league we play in and know we will have to keep defenses off-balance with misdirections, reverses, the deep ball, throwing to the tight end, play action. What we want is toughness first and then establish keeping the defenses off-balance. Our goal is to score a lot of points, win a lot of games and stay here a long time."

Special Teams Coach Chris Rippon:

"We went out and signed the number two placekicker in the country in Joshua Shene. We also have Will Moseley and Justin Sparks as good candidates, but we have to find a long snapper and we have to get our mechanics down. We will work hard on improving our PK game. With Marshay Green, Dexter McCluster and Cassius Vaughn, we believe we will have a lot of young, explosive return people who will make big plays. We are going to create the opportunity for our kids to make big plays and I guarantee you we will make more of them this year."

Recruiting Coordinator Hugh Freeze:

"To be the recruiting coordinator under the top recruiter in the country (Coach O) puts some pressure on me, but it is a great experience. I have learned so much from Coach O about coaching and recruiting. I'm living a dream. I'm from North Mississippi and to coach here is my dream. I promise you we will go anywhere in this country to get a player and we will not back down from any school when we go after a prospect."

Folks, it's time!

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