Ready for Memphis

Greg Hardy (DE, Memphis, TN) - Greg came into Ole Miss with thoughts of being one of the long line of great tight ends in Ole Miss history, but that has changed.

"They just told me that I might be more suited for defensive end because they are pretty deep at tight end with Robert Lane, Lawrence Lilly, Jason Hawkins, and Robert Hugh. I told them, hey, where ever I can get on the field the quickest, is where I want to play," added the always quiet but confident Greg Hardy.

Athleticism has never been lacking from Hardy's game as evidence by his 6' 6" 235 frame and basketball skills.

"I talked to Coach Kennedy at the gym. I asked Coach O if he were OK with me playing, and he said he was. Everything seems to be going pretty good, but my attention is on football. If later on down the line I can learn the system (in football), I might give it (basektball) a try, but right now my focus is on football."

Greg could not hold back his excitement for two a days to start.

"Man, we are ready. I came down to Ole Miss in the beginning of June. The first thing I noticed was the whole intensity level from high school to college. I love it. You just eat, sleep, and breath football around here."

Hardy was able to work out with the team voluntarily this summer. Any differences in the speed of the game?

"There is a big difference, but I have always played fast, so I think the college game fits my tempo better."

Does Greg envision himself making the rotation before year's end?

"I came in great shape and have worked harder than every before. Like I said, the speed here is more suited for my game. I really think I should have no problem (making the rotation)."

Greg has the luxury of having his former head coach at Ole Miss.

"Coach Freeze has been a huge help for me. When ever I have a problem, he gets a call. He is probably sick of me already (laugh). But really, having him here at Ole Miss has made the transition so smooth for me. It is already like home away from home."

What were the selling points to decide on Ole Miss?

"It was close, and having my former coach being here just helped a lot. And being in the SEC was really big. I have always wanted to compete in the SEC. To be the best, you have to play the best, and that is what I am going to get down here at Ole Miss."

Growing up in Memphis has given Greg some incentive for the opening game.

"Yea, I have had that game circled for a long time, ever since I signed (with Ole Miss). That is one of the reasons I am working so hard. I would love to make a few big plays in that game so I can go back home and have some fun with the boys. I really can not wait for that game. It is going to be on."

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