Cecil Frison

Ole Miss Rebel freshman Cecil Frison didn't bat an eye when he was told he was moving from tight end, the position he was signed to play, to defensive end. Changing positions is part of helping the team, he said. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss freshman Cecil Frison, who prepped at Hamilton HS in Memphis, TN, is all about team.

"I moved from offense (tight end) to defense (defensive end) to help the team and I'm excited about it," Frison noted. "I'll give anything a try to help my team. If the caoches tell me I need to punt, I'll ask for a kicking shoe. That's just the way I am."

Frison has high expectations for this season, but he realizes the road he faces.

"It's been a big adjustment from high school to college so far and I'm sure it will get even harder when practice starts, but I'm up for it," he continued. "I realized real quickly I'm not the biggest guy on the field or the fastest. In high school, I felt like I was the best athlete on the field most of the time. Now, I realize the importance of technique and doing things the right way."

Frison said he didn't gain any weight on his 6-3 1/2, 240-pound frame, but he changed his body composition and that resulted in a speed gain.

"I didn't think I was, but I guess I was a little soft when I got here," he laughed. "I lost some body fat and replaced that with lean muscle. I'm a lot stronger than I was and faster too.

"I feel more athletic. I can already do things athletically I couldn't do before. The offseason program has made an immediate difference for me."

Frison feels good about the team.

"We're all excited about the team because we know the effort we have put in and the effort we are going to give. That's one of teh first things I noticed when I got on campus - everyone working hard," Frison stated. "We feel we can be a good team. We feel we can go to a bowl and do some good things to continue building for the future."

Why was he moved to DE?

"Our tight ends are experienced and our defensive ends are mostly young and we are thin there," he said. "I understand it and just hope I can help. Who knows what will happen later? I might move back, if the coaches want me to, in years to come. I like both positions."

Cecil believes he's physically ready to accept the challenge, but he understands he has a long way to go with the mental parts.

"In college, it's all about watching film, learning your assignments, learning what everyone else is doing on a call. There is a lot more preparation involved," Frison stated. "I'm looking forward to getting into all of that. I think I'm a good student of the game. We'll see, for sure."

Frison knows he has only scratched the surface of his college career with just one offseason under his belt, but he feels he has made progress and is ready for the journey.

"I've worked hard to this point and plan on continuing on that path. Playing college ball is a dream. I don't want to waste a second of it," he ended.

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